Animated Dark Fantasy Swordsman

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The brief was to come up with a motion graphics explainer for redd art’s new brand identity. The site specialises in animated dark fantasy artwork and my concept was to create an animated explainer which would show the process of an artist at work.

Tasks included: storyboarding, animating, compositing and editing.

I also worked alongside the copywriter to ensure that the animation reflected the tone of the piece.

Movement graphics explainer for redd art. Set against a background of gothic architecture, the animated characters, a sword-wielding female warrior and her male companion, are placed in the center of the screen before beginning a fight. The male character’s sword is replaced by the title of the company’s name, “redd.” After the characters finish fighting, the male character returns to normal and a short description of business appears below them.

Tall, dark and handsome redd Art is an animation studio based in Dublin that specializes in producing dark fantasy content. Their portfolio ranges from films and games to corporate videos and music videos. They have worked with companies such as Paddy Power and Google Analytics.

We were commissioned to design and animate a motion graphics explainer for redd art.

The script outlined the premise of the business and what the company does and how. The client was very specific about the look he wanted, dark and ominous, with a sense of fantasy as well as science fiction.

We researched various artists in the field of digital animation and found that most of them used 3D software for their work. However we believed that this piece had more potential with 2D animation so we decided to use Flash instead.:

This is a motion graphics piece I completed in early 2018. It was commissioned by redd art to explain the dark fantasy genre of art. The video would be used for redd art’s website and social media channels, as well as be used for marketing and promoting redd art’s portfolio.

I used Adobe After Effects for the animation work and Adobe Premiere Pro for editing purposes.

The visual effects are animated in 3D with Cinema 4D.

The background is designed in Photoshop and then rendered out using Octane Render (Octane Render was recently acquired by Otoy).

Animation is a fascinating medium. This is an animated explainer for redd art, a motion graphics studio in Bangladesh. The video was created to explain the studio’s services and expertise to potential clients.

The video contains stunning 3D animation as well as 2D elements that make it even more appealing. The story starts by introducing their team with a hero shot of the protagonist and then moves on to show the various types of work that they do. It also features some voice over that speaks about the skills, experience, and portfolio of the company.

The final image shows their logo in a very creative manner that definitely leaves an impression on the viewer’s mind. There are also lots of background animations that add a lot of depth to the visual graphics of this explainer video.

I didn’t want to hold back on the intense and flashy effects and I wanted to use a lot of colour, but I also wanted it to be impactful and not just “in your face” so I had to find the right balance between these elements. 

As you can see from the video, there’s a bit of a fantasy vibe to this one – which was exciting for me as I love fantasy artwork, particularly in the form of video games. 

I feel like this piece is a mixture of all my favourite things, from the psychedelic geometric shapes, to the bright colours and bold text elements. 

The video was a very fun project to work on and I’m very happy with how it turned out! Thank you Sam for being so awesome and trusting me completely with your vision!

The video is made with 3dsmax|Vray and composited in After Effects. The music is “Eternal” by Kai Engel.

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