An Overview Of Contemporary Art

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This is a blog about contemporary art and the world of artists.

Art is any visual or auditory experience that can be recreated in some way from a description of it. This includes paintings, sculptures and drawings; photographs, films and videos; installations, performances and sound art; new media works; net art, text art and conceptual art. It also includes more familiar art forms such as architecture, landscape design and fashion.


The site contains a collection of articles on contemporary art and the world of artists. The articles are written by a professional artist and art critic.

The contemporary art blog strives to be a source of information for all people interested in contemporary art. With daily posts and its own art magazine, I want to share the experience of living with art, artists and the world of art that are beyond or different from what one can see in galleries, museums, books or magazines.

All kinds of writings are covered: reviews of exhibitions and books, news, interviews with artists and curators, essays and articles about art world politics and economics. I am also very interested in emerging artists (especially young ones) who could be part of a new generation of artists. I feel that many emerging artists are full of talent but do not have an equal chance to get discovered on their own by the international public. The blog is meant to be a small contribution to a more democratic art system where emerging artists have more opportunities to show their works and get noticed.

I hope that my website will be appreciated by many people from different backgrounds who are interested in contemporary art. Contemporary art is often seen as elitist and unapproachable, but I like it because it is about every day life. Contemporary art should also be understandable for everybody!

The name “Contemporary Art Daily” refers to my short-term vision for this blog: I

Contemporary art is not a static phenomenon, but a dynamic one that changes constantly. This blog is a window into the ever-changing world of contemporary art, and offers regular posts from a variety of individuals with diverse views on this complex subject.

The aim of Contemporary Art Daily is to provide an insight into the world of contemporary art and to stimulate debate about its role in society. We welcome contributions from all corners of the globe and hope to create a platform for ideas and opinions about the art world.

Contemporary Art Daily accepts contributions from anyone with something to say about contemporary art and artists, including artists, writers, curators, gallerists and collectors.

The following is a list of links detailing the history of contemporary art. You will also find information about contemporary artists, art galleries, and their websites.

This site is designed to be an online resource for all those interested in modern and contemporary art. The site contains a wide range of articles providing information and reviews on a diverse range of subjects including contemporary painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, and installation art. The website also offers art news, interviews with artists from around the world, and an overview of the latest trends in the contemporary art world. And it includes information on upcoming art exhibitions and events such as auctions.

The great thing about contemporary art is its diversity. There are no rules, no limits and no boundaries to where contemporary art can go. The only thing that remains the same is the fact that all art must be original, but beyond that there are no set rules to how it should be made.

Todays’ artists use different mediums such as paint, photography and film in order to create their artworks. They choose these particular mediums because they feel an affinity towards them or because they simply want to do something different from the rest of the artists out there.

Artists today often work collaboratively and share ideas with each other where this wasn’t the case in previous years. Technology has also allowed greater communication between artists from different parts of the world, meaning that artists can now learn from each other as well as inspire each other.

I have been looking for a comprehensive blog that would do a good job of explaining this, but have not found one yet. This is my attempt.

I plan to post as often as I can, but there may be days when I don’t post at all. There are also likely to be some posts that are longer and more detailed than others. I will try to label these “longer post” so you can skip them if you wish.

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