An Exhibition Dedicated to the Swedish Giant

Ikea is the most popular home furnishing store in the world. Ikea has a huge variety of furniture and accessories that cost less than what you would pay at any other store. In fact, Ikea is so popular that it has more than 300 stores worldwide and it is planning to expand its business even further. Ikea plans to open stores in China, India, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East within the next few years.

Tobias Walther created a blog called “Ikea art event 2021”. This blog is geared towards art enthusiasts, people who live in cities near ikea or ikea employees. This blog gives the reader an idea of how to create your own art at home with the products from IKEA. The main focus of this blog is not to completely replicate famous art but instead to show that you can create something amazing with cheap household objects. There are also links to sites that have more ideas on creating homemade art out of ikea products. Another feature is that you can submit your own Ikea project and he will post it on his site. The link for this site is .

The exhibition’s curator, Jan-Erik Lundgren, has stated that he thinks the art should go beyond straight representation. But it’s also true that most of the submissions so far have been essentially paintings or sculptures of ikea products.

“We have turned down some things that are more conceptual or performance based,” Lundgren said. “The ones we’ve selected, we think they fit well with the space.”

Artists have until Feb. 28 to submit proposals, and can email their ideas to The museum expects to announce a list of finalists in May, and will then run a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for an opening party and other expenses.

The event is organized by the ikea art committee which consists of 3 people, who are all ikea employees. This seems like a conflict of interest and this needs to be more transparent.

The committee has invited 28 artists to ikea’s headquarters in sweden and they have been given one week to develop their concept. The artworks will be exhibited at ikea’s main store in stockholm during the first week of january 2021.

Tobias Lindeberg, a Swedish artist with an international reputation, will be working as curator for the event. He has recently organised an exhibition in New York City which was a big success. He will be making sure that the quality of the artworks is high and that they are displayed in optimal way.

The artists have been selected on their own merits and will not be paid for exhibiting at the event. However, all expenses related to travel and accommodation will be covered by ikea during their stay in sweden.

This is not a competition; there is no competition award or product placement involved (Ikea will not be using this as an opportunity to promote itself). The idea behind the project is to give exposure to both established artists and new names within the field of design and art

The recent discovery of a 17th century painting in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston has caused a lot of brouhaha in the art community. The painting, which depicts a young woman holding an ikea bag, is believed to be one of the earliest paintings pertaining to Ikea.

Edgar Degas, one of the famous French impressionist painters is believed to be the artist behind this artwork. 

“Degas was known for his fascination with Swedish modern furniture and love for IKEA products. He even had his own stamp card and shopped at several of their stores in Paris,” said Michael Landau, head curator at MFA Boston.

This painting is proof that Degas had a deep appreciation towards IKEA products and it backs up what we have always known- there’s no denying that Degas was an IKEA fan.

Now that this painting has been discovered, it will be shown at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston from December 16th 2013 until March 16th 2014 inside their permanent collection exhibition hall as part of “IKEA Art Event 2021”. This event is going to celebrate everything related to IKEA furniture.

The exhibition is a project that will last three years and will include lectures, workshops and art pieces. We are also planning to open an Art Library with ikea’s furniture as a subject. A place where you can come to work and read on ikea furniture.

The ikea art event is a yearly art exhibition at ikea which is held in the month of august. The event is opened to all people from the public who wish to attend. All types of art are accepted (drawings, paintings, photography, sculptures, music etc.). All the art exhibited at ikea will remain there for about a month then it will be moved to another store.

The opening of the exhibition occurs in the same year. As from 2017 the date of the event was set on the 11th of August.

A group of artists will be asked to create pieces based around the concept of home. Artworks can be both physical and digital. Artists can be invited to take part or can apply to take part. The artworks will be displayed at our store in Reading, Berkshire and also at ikea head office in Sweden. The artworks are exhibited on a rotating basis throughout the year.

The artworks can be anything that refers to home, interior design, values and meanings attached to home, family or relationships etc. If you have any questions please get in touch with me directly

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