An Exclusive Interview with Renowned Chalk Artist Angela Lawler

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In New York City, chalk art is no longer just an art form on the walls of the metropolis. Chalk artists are finding themselves well-respected and in high demand at events around the country. Event planners are realizing that the appeal of chalk art is not limited to children, but can be enjoyed by all ages.

New York City resident Angela Lawler has been making her mark on the city with her stunning chalk drawings on sidewalks and buildings for over twenty years. Lawler’s work can be seen throughout New York City and beyond, as she travels around the country for commissioned pieces.

“I’m interested in making a piece that will attract people to look at it,” said Lawler. “A lot of my work features animals and other figures because I think people respond to those.”

Her graffiti style is unparalleled, drawing attention from viewers and making them want to take a second look. It is a simplistic style, yet intricate in its own way. Her latest collection features animals such as elephants, cats and dogs, but also includes more abstract works such as a piece called “Abstract Stampede”.

In one recent project called “Chalk Around The Block”, Lawler worked with students from P.S. 163 in Harlem to create murals depicting famous

Following is an interview with Angela Lawler, a renowned chalk artist and instructor at the San Francisco Art Institute. Ms. Lawler shares her insights on the role of art in society, the importance of encouraging new generations to create art, and her own journey as an artist.

Angela Lawler is a prominent chalk artist working in the United States. Her work has been featured in many art galleries and museums throughout the country, and she is a regular lecturer on the subject of chalk art.

In this interview, Lawler discusses her life as an artist, her personal philosophy on art, and her thoughts on the future of chalk art in America.

With the rise of street art and graffiti, the art of making amazing chalk artwork on sidewalks has risen in popularity along with it. One such artist of chalk is Angela Lawler. She was born in a small town in Iowa named Sioux City and started drawing chalk art at the age of twelve. She began by drawing stick figures and eventually moved up to drawing intricate designs on sidewalks. Angela says that she would not be where she is today without the help of her parents, who always were supportive of her artwork and lifestyle.

In this exclusive interview, we here at Chalk Art Xpress* talk to Angela about her beginnings in chalk art, her life after becoming famous for it, and what she is doing now.**

Angela Lawler: It all started when I was a kid growing up in Iowa. I used to draw everywhere and anywhere I could find a surface to draw on.

We started a local newspaper called “Chalk Art Xpress”. It’s an online magazine about everything related to street art, from traditional graffiti to chalk drawings. We have had many interviews with different artists over the years, but we still keep searching for new talent out there! Check out our latest interview about one of our favorite artists on the streets: Angela Lawler .

Angela Lawler, an artist from San Francisco, has been creating her art for over 20 years and is known for her amazing portraits. Her work has been featured on the front page of the SF Chronicle and the front of the new SFMOMA building. She teaches workshops all over the world and is a well-respected artist in the chalk art community.

‘I think that if you’re going to make art, you have to have some sense of humor about it. Some people are so serious about their work that they forget to have fun.’ –Angela Lawler

What is your inspiration for this new piece?

After the overwhelming success of my last installation, I decided to try to create something that would appeal more to the general public while still retaining my trademark style. This piece reflects a more personal perspective, and I feel that it creates a stronger connection with the viewer.

The piece was created entirely with Magnesium Carbonate Chalk, which is a material that I have used in previous works but not to this extent. The size of the painting was a major challenge, as was creating an image that could be seen from such a long distance away. I believe that I have met both of these challenges and am very pleased with the finished product.

-Angela Lawler

I started out as a child just wanting to create a masterpiece. I’d practice every day, and I would draw anything I could think of. I never imagined that my work would be an inspiration for others.

I’ve always loved art, whether it was chalk or paint or pencils. It’s the one thing that makes me feel free and alive. The only problem is that it’s not considered a “real” venue for art in the art community. It’s like a second-class citizen in the world of arts and crafts. I’ve heard people call it a glorified sidewalk drawing, and they’re right, but so what?

I think anyone can appreciate my work, even if they don’t know what it is. It speaks to people on a subconscious level, and they are drawn to it.

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