Amazing Art You Can Hold in the Palm of Your Hand

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We have just placed our first order for custom metal art. We are super excited to see how it turns out.

If you want to order custom metal art, there are a few things you should know:

1. Quality is better than quantity. We were able to get a variety of quotes from different companies and found that the larger orders tended to be cheaper per piece, but the quality was much worse. When you need only one or two pieces of art, the artists take more time and care with each piece.”

I’m just starting this blog, but I’ve been getting a lot of people interested in my metal art. I make all kinds of custom metal art, and design requests are always welcome.

The best way to contact me is through etsy:

I have a wide selection of pieces on etsy right now, and if you want something you don’t see there, I’ll be happy to talk with you about it.

I’m also very excited to announce that I have the ability to customize many items with your company’s logo or message! Check out for more information about this exciting new service!

Thank you for visiting!’

I’m a tinkerer. I like to make things by hand. One of my goals is to own an atelier or art studio where I can work on projects, create some custom metal art for people and keep busy. The other day, I took a big step toward that goal when I ordered a piece of custom metal art for the first time.

Tinkerers gather tools, equipment and materials together in the best way they know how to do it. It’s a good approach to life. That’s why there are so many great tinkerers out there doing interesting things.

I’ve seen custom metal art before and have wanted to try it myself but was too afraid to make the investment in time or money. For example, you can find all kinds of custom metal jewelry in the form of earrings, pendants, keychains and so on right here on Etsy: but those are rings that you can wear on your finger or necklaces that you can wear around your neck; they’re not going to be displayed in your home or office the way custom metal sculptures would be displayed. They’re also made from more expensive metals like silver and gold which means you’ll pay more

[Link to blog](

Metal art is a growing trend and becoming popular for various reasons. Once upon a time, metal art was only made from precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and copper but now it is being made from a variety of metals alloys such as brass, bronze and copper. The designs are more fashionable than the traditional ones and have been given new shapes, colors and cuts.

The primary reason for its popularity is because it has become affordable. It is no longer a luxury item or something that can only be afforded by the rich and famous. People are getting more interested in buying metal art to decorate their homes, offices or even gifting it to their loved ones. It’s a great way to show your affection to someone special in your life!

What makes this type of art so unique is that you can use your own design or may opt for one of the available designs on offer. You may also choose the color, size and shape you want the art to be made in and how you want it to be finished off (for example: polished or matte). Metal art can be designed in any size, shape or color you like making it a versatile gift option! A number of artists

Today, I’m excited to offer my readers a chance to own a small piece of the world’s most amazing gold and silver jewelry. If you’d like to see some of these stunning pieces in person, they will be on display at the following shows:

What’s so special about this gorgeous artisan jewelry? Well, unlike conventional jewelry, each design is made from real recycled metals. By using recycled metals, each piece helps support responsible recycling practices here in the U.S.

From a practical standpoint, what does that mean for you? Well, these stunning pieces will have an eco-friendly “feel” about them due to their natural appearance. However, the exact color and texture of each piece will vary from order to order according to the actual materials used in your piece.

Metal art can be created from virtually any form of scrap or reclaimed metal, including gold, silver, platinum and stainless steel. The creative possibilities are therefore virtually limitless!

My metal art pieces are created by the sand casting method, where molten metal is poured into a mold made from a real object, or a form that is carved out of a solid block of wax.

Some people have asked if I have any metal molds available for sale, so I am offering a small number of molds that have found homes in my studio. The molds are made of silicone rubber and are reusable. Most are in the shape of animals or fantasy creatures that I used to create my own original sculptures. However, some are “found objects” that can be used to create other things. When used with metal they tend to look like relics from an ancient age when things were not as they are now.

When ordering a custom piece, there is an option to specify the type of wax material you would like me to use during the casting process. Each type of wax has slightly different properties and will affect the final look of your finished piece. Each item also comes with instructions on how to care for and re-use your mold for future castings!

Note about wax: All my handmade molds are made with natural food grade paraffin wax. This type of wax naturally contains minute amounts of impurities such as carbon and sulfur which cause disc

There are so many different ways to make metal art, but the most popular is to use a process called sand casting. A mold is made that has a pattern with open areas that can be filled with molten metal, after which the mold is broken away and you’re left with a detailed replica in metal of your original pattern.

So why not just make a cast from a 3D printer? The problem is that 3D printers aren’t very good at making sharp corners or intricate details. Also, it’s all about surface area: 3D printing can only print out relatively flat surfaces. But what if you want to make something that looks like a screwdriver or even a mug? The flat surfaces of 3D printing won’t work there, but sand casting will! The great thing about sand casting is that it’s cheap and easy to do, and it allows you to create very detailed shapes. All you need is some sort of pattern (a drawing or an object), some wax (something like candle wax), and some clean sand.*

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