Alcohol Ink Art because a picture is worth a drink

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Alcohol Ink is a technique used to create permanent art on paper. The alcohol inks are alcohol based and usually take about 10-15 minutes to dry. Alcohol ink is a medium that can be used for many different types of artwork, but mainly for calligraphy and crafting.

Description:Alcohol Ink Art because a picture is worth a drink: an informative blog about alcohol ink art. I will talk about my experiences with alcohol ink, tips, product reviews, freebies, giveaways, etc. My goal is to create an informative alcohol ink resource that you can come to for everything you need to know about alcohol ink art!

Alcohol inks are very versatile, with a wide spectrum of colors, and can be used to create a variety of techniques. Alcohol ink art comes in many forms and has advanced to create some pretty awesome artwork.

From the moment I discovered alcohol inks I was hooked, they are so easy to use and the colors are spectacular. My blog is an outlet for my creativity, but it is also an informative site on alcohol ink art, providing information on how-to’s as well as recently shared projects.

New to alcohol ink art or just looking for inspiration? Alcohol Ink Art is the online home of internationally published artist, Colleen Kuhlmann. Here you’ll find a gallery of original works as well as instructional posts covering a variety of topics related to alcohol ink art, including tips for using alcohol inks and creating stenciled images.

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…The alcohol inks are permanent and non-toxic, and have a very long shelf life. Alcohol ink mediums are sold in sets from inexpensive to very expensive. The most expensive are the Archival Inks, which are advertised as being archival quality, meaning that they should last a lifetime if used on acid free surfaces. The more expensive sets contain more colors than the inexpensive sets. Alcohol ink mediums can be mixed together to create new colors, which can then be used straight or diluted with water or alcohol to create washes of color or highlighting effects

Alcohol inks can be used on surfaces other than paper – glass, plastic, metal, handmade papers and fabric can also be used as long as they are archival quality. Alcohol Ink Art uses alcohol inks on all sorts of surfaces – even the occasional book art.

The Alcohol Ink art blog is brought to you by artist and teacher Joanne Sharpe. The site is full of tips and tricks for using alcohol ink plus information on other media and techniques that can be used with alcohol inks.

Teachings and tutorials are also available for printmaking workshops and classes.

The Alcohol Ink Art blog has hundreds of articles about creating exciting projects with alcohol inks. Also a place to share your own work with others.

Alcohol ink art uses the alcohol ink, which is a water-based dye that is mixed with alcohol. The alcohol evaporates and leaves behind the dye. Alcohol ink is non-toxic and can be used on just about anything including paper, fabric, glass, metal, plastic and stone.

Tutorials are available online on how to use alcohol inks to make art. Artists can also purchase templates that help them design artwork. The process of creating art with alcohol inks is similar to screen printing.

Alcohol ink art is used as an alternative to traditional screen printing because it’s less expensive and easier to produce. It also has a longer shelf life than many other types of inks and dyes, which makes it more ideal for larger scale projects that require multiple colors or different types of dye for mixing.

The process of creating artwork using alcohol ink resembles silk screening or stenciling. First the artist must apply the base color by hand or with a machine using a brayer or roller. After the base color dries, another layer of paint is applied to certain areas using a different color from the first application. Finally, the alcohol inks are applied over the entire image or design to create the design and color variations that appear as you look

Alcohol Inks (aka India Inks) are a wonderful medium for use in mixed media art and craft projects. Alcohol Inks can be used in many different ways, and they are becoming more popular every day. Alcohol Inks are non-toxic when dry, and they are permanent to light fastness.

Alcohol Inks can be used in many different ways, and this blog will focus on the potential uses for Alcohol Inks as well as provide a quick reference of their properties. Learn about creative ideas for using Alcohol Inks, including rubber stamping with alcohol inks, alkyd painting with alcohol inks, painting rocks with alcohol inks, creating backgrounds on canvas or cardstock with alcohol inks, alcohol ink art techniques and much more!

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