Activating Your Inner Artist

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Maybe you have a creative side that you don’t know how to access. Maybe you want to find it, and maybe you want to be an artist. What do you need to do?

A lot of people think of artists as special kinds of people, but actually everyone has a creative side. Art is about connecting things and seeing new patterns in them. When we see something new, what we are doing is making connections. We are looking at something old from a new angle. Or we are looking at two old things that we suddenly realize are connected, or three things and so on. Understanding this will help you activate your inner artist and start making art.

Lucky for us, creativity is a skill that can be learned! You may not be able to paint like Picasso or design like Steve Jobs, but there are techniques and tricks that everyone can use to unleash their creativity! The following information is designed to get you started down the right path toward unleashing your inner artist!

There is a common misconception that creativity is something that only a few gifted people are capable of. If you were not born with it, you can’t learn it. This is far from the truth. Anyone can be creative; you only need to know how to access your inner artist.

Check out our classes on how to activate your inner artist; we are happy to help you get on the right track towards fulfilling your inner artistic expression. With professional instruction from our master artists, you will find yourself in a supportive environment where your creativity can flow freely.

In the modern era, we have become increasingly disconnected from what is happening around us. The world of nature, animals and plants has become hidden and unknown to us. We have lost the ability to listen, to see what is really there, to feel it and sense it. We have lost our connection to our own bodies and senses as well.

The artist’s eye is an active eye; it looks for things that are not obvious to the casual observer. It does not look for perfection; rather it seeks out places where energy or life force has become trapped. By using her unique vision, she can reawaken the energy or release the life force in those places so that it can once again flow through the land and its inhabitants.

We do not need to be artists in order to be creative. But all of us have creative abilities -we just need to find our inner artist and learn how to use them more effectively!

In the past, every generation had its art. When this was true, it wasn’t because they had easy access to expensive paints or a lot of free time. It was because they had an art.

You don’t have to be a great artist to have an art. The elements you make art with are not things like paint and canvas, but feelings, thoughts and energy. You can use them to make paintings or music or poems or even a dance that expresses something about the way you feel about your life on the inside. Art is not just for special people with special talents; everyone can see themselves as an artist if they want to. No matter what your interests are – whether you like sports or dancing, reading or building computers – there’s an art in there waiting for you to bring it out.

There are no rules for making art. But there are some ways to get started. If you’re having trouble finding your inner artist try these things:

– Find some time when you can work on your own in a place where you won’t be disturbed.

– Think about what kinds of things you enjoy and what kinds of things you don’t enjoy doing.

– Think about why that is the case – why do the things you do like give you

jwd art space is a place where you can find resources, inspiration and meet new people who share your passion for creativity.

We offer art classes in a wide range of mediums, from drawing to painting to jewelry making.

jwd is also a gallery for local artists, as well as a venue for local and international events.

Come join us in our artistic adventures!

jwd is located at 22 King George Street in Jaffa. We’re open Sunday through Thursday from 10-8pm and Friday from 10-2pm. For more information please call 03 466 9363 or email us at”


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Artists are people who create art. Art is the work of artists. So it would seem to follow that artists create art.

But it doesn’t feel that way, does it?

Why not? Because the creative process involves a mental state that is different from the state of mind we use in everyday life, and many people never learn how to get into that state. They may admire artists but they don’t understand how artistic creativity actually works. And without understanding it, they can’t experience it for themselves.

This article will show you how to get into the mental state where art gets made — and then leave you there long enough for you to make something.

The first step is knowing what this mental state feels like: what it looks like from inside. The second step is knowing what to do once you are in that state: which tools to use — and which not to use — in order to make something out of the experience you have been given.”

When you’re an artist, you’re a creator. You create art. You create ideas. You create things that didn’t exist before you created them. Art is about creation, and artists are people who create. But not just any creation will do; it has to be a specific kind of creation.

Telling stories is creation, but it’s not art. Telling stories is only partly creative; it relies on the imagination of the listener to fill in the other parts. Cooking dinner is a creative act, but it’s not art. It’s a practical matter. Building a house is a creative act, but it’s not art. It’s a practical matter plus an expression of your values and your budget constraints and your taste and all sorts of things that have nothing to do with what artists do with their creativity.

When you create art, you have to jump over these gaps in the way people normally work. For one thing, most people think they can’t do certain things because they “aren’t artistic” or “aren’t musical.” But if you know how to use your creativity, you can make art out of anything you want to make art out of – even business plans or sales reports or spreadsheets or corporate memos – as long as what you’re

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