A Modern Take On An Old Art

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Florafelt is a small company based in the United States, which brings art into homes and offices. We specialize in a wide range of creative wall art, including framed butterfly pictures, framed florafelt art, floral butterfly art prints and much more.

Florafelt is a modern take on an old art form. We use real butterflies to create our pieces of framed butterfly art by hand. The process begins when butterflies are ordered from suppliers around the world. Then they are used to make Florafelt products like our framed butterfly pictures, butterfly wall tapestries and many other types of framed butterfly art.

Tapping into a sense of nostalgia using our butterflies as part of our creativity allows for an array of great products that can be used in any home or office setting. With each piece being made from real butterflies and customers being able to customize their own designs with us as well, Florafelt allows for customers to get exactly what they want and need out of their own pieces of framed butterfly art.

Florafelt® is a modern take on the age-old art form of butterflies and flowers. The idea of using the butterfly as an artistic medium has been around for centuries, but it is only recently that the finished product has been available for purchase in the United States. Florafelt® is a contemporary design that adds beauty to any space, and is also used to create unique gifts, cards, invitations and other items.

Tassels are constructed by carefully folding a sheet of paper into a desired shape and then gluing the edges together. Once glued, the paper is cut into individual petals. Each flower requires six petals, which are then arranged on the stem and allowed to dry fully before being attached to a clip or string.†

Florafelt® designs are patented in over 100 countries worldwide and have been featured in numerous publications. In addition to retail stores in many states throughout the country, Florafelt® products may also be purchased online at www.florafelt.com/stores .†

Florafelt® strives to maintain its commitment to quality through careful inspection at each step of production from raw materials to finished product and by partnering with only those companies who share this commitment.*

Florafelt is a product that has been designed to give the user a sense of freedom and originality. Unknown flowers can be grown and enjoyed in your very own surroundings with little care and maintenance, creating your own beautiful home decor.

Karen Kaefer has always been creative and artistic. She began Florafelt in 2007 after having seen an artist use butterflies as part of her work at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. This was a great idea for Karen, who is also a florist, but she wanted to make them differently.

Tired of making bouquets for weddings and other events that would be thrown away shortly after their use, Karen wanted to create something that could be kept around for long periods of time, adding life and beauty to any room it was placed in.

So she created Florafelt. Beeswax sheets on which butterflies are attached by hand make up each flower of the artwork. The flowers are created using carefully selected unmarked fabric (the butterflies are marked using fabric dye) which is then folded into petals just like a rose or carnation would be created in nature. Then they are attached to the beeswax sheet using hot glue and wire, so they stay put while being handled.

Karen hand makes each piece of

Florafelt is a unique art form inspired by the beauties of nature. It was invented and developed by artist/inventor, Eric Dervin.

Florafelt is a series of butterflies mounted on a flat mirrorball-like surface to create an ever-changing and imaginative display of color and motion. The butterflies are lit from behind with a fluorescent light that shine through the translucent paper wings. A rotating motor causes the butterflies to move in smooth rotation, just enough to provide subtle movement and beauty. The butterflies themselves are made from folded paper and mounted on a flexible wire armature attached to the mirrorball surface with either tape or small magnets.

The result is a constantly changing and beautiful visual display that will bring enjoyment for years to come.

The butterflies are cut out of magazine or book pages using various shapes as templates. Eric has designed many different styles of butterfly and they can be used alone or in combinations to create interesting effects such as “swarms” when several move in unison, or “clouds” when several are grouped on one side of the rotating surface.”

Now, I’m not one for letting the grass grow under my feet. The other day, I decided to make a little something out of nothing. And I came up with this idea: Florafelt.

It is simple and beautiful. A piece of paper and some pencils, and you can create a work of art that will last a lifetime!

Florafelt sparked a lot of interest on eBay, and the next thing I knew, it was being featured on Etsy!

So how did I get here? Let me explain…

I was sitting at home one day, bored out of my mind, when I happened to see an old painting by Monet. It was just lying in the attic collecting dust. Before then, I had never been interested in art. But once I saw that picture, everything changed for me.

As soon as I could scrape together enough money, I bought my first painting: Monet’s Bridge Over A Pond Of Water Lilies. It wasn’t long before I found myself surrounded with all kinds of artwork!

I’ve been working on Florafelt ever since then, increasing the size and the number of colors. Soon enough you’ll see Florafelt in galleries around the world! Maybe even in your local art

Florafelt was created with one goal in mind: to help others discover the magic of butterflies. We are an art and craft supply company that specializes in butterfly crafts. We have a passion for butterflies and the environment, and we want to share our passion with others through our crafts. We sell over 300 different products in over 30 different categories including butterfly frames, butterfly mobiles, butterflies made from beads, butterfly cards, butterfly greeting cards, flowers and leaves, ribbons and so much more.

Tropical butterflies are our specialty; we carry over 50 different tropical butterfly designs in frames, mobiles, buttons and magnets. And we have a very unique selection of original designs that you won’t find anywhere else. We also have a category for butterflies depicted as humans or mermaids or heaven forbid skeletons! You can check out our selection at http://www.florafelt.com/catalog/category/butterflies .

Our product line is growing every single day; it’s amazing how many products you can make with just one simple shape of a wing! It’s inspiring to see what people create when they use their imagination – looks like we have a lot of artists out there! Our product line is growing every single day; it’s amazing how

Florafelt, a Dutch company, has been providing butterfly art installations for events since 2004. They specialize in both the artistic and scientific aspects of their work, as well as the engineering required to make them function properly. Their work has been presented at events for companies including Google and Microsoft. They also provide educational programs for schools and universities.

Treating butterflies more as an art form than a science project, Florafelt takes inspiration from nature to create unique pieces that blend into their surroundings and add a sense of magic to any event. In this way they hope to “bring butterflies out of the natural world into our own.”

Florafelt uses different species of butterflies in each installation depending on what is appropriate for the event at hand; they have worked with numerous butterfly species including monarchs, swallowtails, painted ladies, and the critically endangered Karner Blue butterfly.

The butterflies are raised in captivity on a diet of organic nectar and honeydew. Each butterfly must be tagged with a barcode before release so that it can be tracked and monitored before it dies naturally. Florafelt hopes to educate people about the importance of conservation while at the same time showcasing the beauty of nature in this unique form.

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