A Look into How Mandalorian Symbols are Used in the Star Wars Universe

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Mandalorian Symbols are a type of writing used by the Mandalorians, a warrior culture that originated on the planet Mandalore. These symbols were used as a form of written communication and decoration. It was customary for these symbols to be tattooed on the body of the individual. The symbols were mostly derived from nature, such as animals and plants, while others represented ideas such as protection and loyalty. Mandalorian symbols are still used in Star Wars today, primarily by fans who have been inspired by the characters in the original trilogy. The following is a list of common Mandalorian symbols with their meanings.

Totem Animals: There are many different animals that made up the Mandalorian symbol system, but they are all believed to be based on real animals that reside on Mandalore.

Panther : The panther is one of the most popular animals found within Mandalorian symbology, mainly because it represents strength and independence. The word for panther in Mando’a is beskar’ad; however many believe this to be a mistranslation and it should actually be beskar’ad (beskar meaning iron). This would make sense since the Besk’ad is a traditional weapon of the Mando culture.


Mandalorian art and culture is a fascinating look at the history of the Mandalorian species. Ranging from ancient text to modern day comic books, Mandalorian art and symbols can be found throughout the Star Wars Universe. This blog will take an in depth look into what these symbols mean and how Mandalorian art has evolved over time.

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Mandalorian Symbols: The History and Meaning of the Mandalorian Culture

Mandalorian are a race of warriors that were created by George Lucas in the Star Wars universe. Based on the nomadic tribes of Mongolia, Lucas imagined a warrior culture that would have a long history of violence and warfare. Their society would eventually take root as a group of mercenaries, bounty hunters, and thugs working for the highest bidder. They were also known as the “white” people in contrast to the “black” Sith.

Tattoos play an important role in the Mandalorian culture. The tattoos of warriors are used as a mark of rank and accomplishment. They are placed on the body to show where you have been injured during battle. Each tattooed area has its own significance, like how many battles you have been in or how many times you’ve been injured. A person’s tattoos will tell others about their life and what they have experienced.

The tattoos also serve another purpose; they tell others what your skills are. For example, if you have forearm tattoos then it might mean that you are good at using blasters. Or maybe it means that you are a skilled mechanic who can rebuild engines even though they are completely destroyed.*

Below is a list with some common Mandal

The most well-known symbol used by the Mandalorians is the Death Watch skull. This is a symbol of the Neo-Crusaders, and was used by the original Mandalorian clan who fought against the Jedi during the New Sith Wars. It was later adopted by Tor Vizsla and his Mandalorian Death Watch, who opposed Duchess Satine Kryze’s pacifist New Mandalorian government. After Vizsla’s death, his lieutenant Pre Vizsla continued to use it.

The symbol consists of a stylized human skull with two mandalorian crests in place of eye sockets. This represents an ancient tradition amongst the Mandalorians to bare their souls for all to see. The crests are that of the wearer’s family and one from a warrior he defeated in battle, though this practice has changed over time.

Mandalorian art is a very popular subject with Mandalorian and Star Wars fans alike. There are numerous tattoos and wallpapers representing Mandalorian designs, but the meanings behind many of these symbols are often not known.

Tattoos represent clan heritage and individual accomplishments, while wallpapers represent the history of the Mandalorians from their beginning on planet Mandalore to their conquering of the galaxy.

These symbols can be used to identify you as a member of a certain group, such as Death Watch or even a certain clan; or they can be used to express your personality, like choosing an animal that represents you.

Whether you plan to get a tattoo or wallpaper, this guide will give you background information on each symbol. You may find that the symbols have more meaning than you originally thought.

Mandalorian art is the subject of the following discussion. Mandalorian art is a style of art that is centered on Mandalore, and was practiced by Mandalorians in the galaxy. The Mandalorians were a nomadic warrior culture and society, originating from the planet of Mandalore. Their weapons and armor are of their own design and they often have distinctive tattoos that identify them as part of the culture. The Mandalorians were known to have an affinity for sculpture and many had a large collection of statues that they displayed in their homes. They consider their ancient weapons and armor to be collectors items and take great care to maintain them in pristine condition.

The first Mandalorian known to have created art was Tobbi Dala who did so during his childhood. His artistic abilities were so admired by the elderly members of his clan that he was allowed to carve a statue from stone when he was only ten years old. The statue he carved depicted his clan’s leader standing with his arms crossed over his chest and was considered very lifelike.(Wookieepedia)

Mandalorian art is the visual expression of the Mandalorian culture, a culture based upon war and violence. It is comprised of symbols and totems that are representative of different aspects of Mandalorian history and ideologies. The Mandalorians have a rich cultural history, full of martial traditions, which are reflected in their art. This article explores this fascinating and intricate culture, providing an insight into what the Mandalorians are all about.

Tattooing History

The most obvious element of Mandalorian art is the tattoos worn by many members of the culture. These tattoos are not just for decoration, but instead serve several important functions within society. The tattooing process is extremely painful and arduous, with the person being tattooed often having to endure having their skin pierced hundreds of times over a period of hours or days (depending on the size and complexity of the piece). However, as well as being decorative, these tattoos serve many other purposes as well.

In addition to simply being decorative, they can be used to convey messages to others – for example a husband’s family may have a particular symbol tattooed on them that his wife will recognize when he returns from battle. Likewise if someone has been captured or killed in battle their family will be able to identify them from their tattoos

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