A look inside the world of mirrors

A blog about learning more about mirrors and mirror art.

The site offers information about the history of mirror, where to buy them, how to clean them, how to frame them and also how they can be used in interior design. Admire the beauty that these mirrors hold by visiting the site and read useful tips and tricks.

This blog is a way to share what I have learned since I started working with mirrors. It is also a way to keep track of my thoughts and ideas. This will be very useful for me for later reference, as well as for other mirror artists. I hope it will also be helpful for people starting to work with mirrors and/or doing mirror art.

Mirror art can be done in many different ways. There are also many different materials used in making mirrors. We can make mirrors from scratch, using a variety of materials, or we can make mirror art using stuff that already exists, such as broken glass, tiles, compact discs, etc.

I started learning about mirrors and making them when I took an introduction class at the University of North Texas in 2007. At this point I have made around 100 mirrors of different sizes and shapes. Some of these are framed and hanging on the walls in our house. Others are still waiting to be framed or mounted on some kind of base.

The main reason why I wanted to start learning about mirrors was because they looked so cool! And they are still cool! But as I learned more about how they were made, I discovered that there is so much more than just looking at them or hanging them on the wall.

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a private collector of mirrored art and also a student of mirrors. This blog will be devoted to mirrors and mirror art, from antique mirrors to new contemporary works of mirror art. It will also feature posts about how to care for your own collection and how to install it in your home. Feel free to comment on any post you like!

Mirrors have been around for centuries and used for different purposes. It wasn’t until the 1800s that mirrors became more widely available to the public. Early mirrors were made of glass, silver, or even polished metal. They were used mainly in homes as decorations or to enhance their interior design.

Towards the end of the 19th century, mirrors began to be mass produced and became more affordable. With this new accessibility, they began to be used in places such as hotels, restaurants and public buildings. As time passed by, mirrors were also used in commercial products such as automobiles and televisions.

Today mirrors can be found in almost every home across the world but its uses vary from person to person. Some people use mirrors for decoration while others use it for personal hygiene. It is a tool that is both useful and beautiful.

Mirrors are fascinating. The way they function and are used is so different than anything else in our lives that when we look into the mirror we find a world that is very different from our own.

Look for the best quality in mirror products. If you are looking for a perfect mirror, there are many products available from different manufacturers today. You should also find out if there are any warranties with these mirrors so that you will have some assurance that the product is of good quality.

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