A gallery for art lovers to buy, sell and admire works of art by artist grayson perry.

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The grayson perry art club is a gallery for art lovers to buy, sell and admire works of art by artist graniel perry. Grayson perry is a renowned british ceramicist, born in 1962 in the town of kent. He was born into a working class family, his father a miner, his mother carrying out domestic duties.

The art club was started in 2008 with the sale of an original ceramic artwork entitled “great man”. The piece was inspired by an episode from perry’s childhood where he witnessed his father being ridiculed by other men. “great man” (2008) sold for £1.6 million ($2.4 million) setting the record for the most expensive work by a living artist sold at auction. The sale of this work allowed the grayson perry art club to expand and open its doors to new members for the first time on the 17th september 2008.

Perry’s work is known for its cross-dressing themes and iconoclastic nature. Perry has stated that cross dressing is a metaphor for breaking down boundaries between people, allowing people to see beyond their own preconceptions of others to their intrinsic value as human beings. He has also said that his works are designed to provoke questions about gender

We have a vision of a gallery that is unlike any other. A gallery that empowers art lovers to buy, sell and admire works of art by artist grayson perry and to share their appreciation with fellow enthusiasts.

The on-line gallery will include details about the artwork, the artist and other interesting information. It will also include an area for members to add their own reviews and comments about the artwork, as well as an area for members to buy or sell items from our collections.

The Grayson Perry Art Club will be a place where we can help you find your favourite artworks from Grayson Perry’s collection and help you connect with fellow collectors who share your passion for Grayson Perry’s art.*

As one of the UK’s most influential and respected artists, much sought after for his unique and often controversial work, Grayson Perry has decided to set up an Art Club for art lovers to buy, sell and admire works of art by artist Grayson Perry.

The Art Club will be a place for collectors, galleries and private individuals to gather, discuss art and share their interest in Grayson Perry’s artwork.

Grayson Perry is known for his colourful ceramics, tapestries and prints which are on display at the Tate Britain , Tate Liverpool and the Victoria & Albert Museum. His bold and expressive style is instantly recognisable with bold colours, large scale figures and humourous undertones.

The Art Club will be based at the artist’s studio in London where he will personally oversee the sale of signed limited editions of his work as well as original paintings, sculptures and ceramics.

The Grayson Perry Art Club is a private members club that sells art by the artist/painter Grayson Perry.

The Art Club aims to be a place where people can buy, sell and admire works of art by the artist Grayson Perry. As a private members club, it offers an opportunity for art lovers to meet and buy from each other. The site provides a platform for collectors and enthusiasts to buy, exchange and sell their collectibles.


As an Art Club member you will have access to exclusive members only privileges. More than just having access to works of art by the artist Grayson Perry, you will also be able to sell your own items through the site. To help you do this, we will provide the following services:

1. A personal page where you can list the items you want to sell (and those you wish to acquire). You will also be able to display your collection on this page and comment on other members’ collections.

2. A Private Gallery to host any special events or parties you may want us to arrange for you and your guests.

3. A message board (online chat room) where you can chat with other members about all things artistic and share your views on

Grayson Perry: Art Club is an online gallery where 200 of Grayson’s hand-picked, limited edition artworks can be bought, sold and admired by art lovers around the world. The site is designed to showcase Grayson’s work, in collaboration with the artist and his team.

The Art Club offers a unique opportunity for artists to sell their work online and reach a new global audience. Each month, Grayson selects pieces from his personal collection to exhibit at the Art Club. These are made available for purchase exclusively online, meaning that you won’t find these works in any other galleries or shops.

Grayson has an international reputation as an artist who explores themes of gender and identity through painting and sculpture. He is known for making traditionally female domestic objects such as ceramics, clothes, shoes and wallpaper into artworks. His bold style has made him a household name, so much so that he was appointed as a member of the official Great Britain delegation to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.*

The art club will be a place where the public can view and buy pieces of art from grayson perry’s collection.

This gallery will gain popularity as well as income for the artist as more people become interested in his work and start to buy. Grayson Perry is a well known artist, who is known for his unique and humorous artworks that are often featured on TV and in various newspapers. His artworks are influenced by gender and social issues, as well as his background growing up in Essex, England during the 80s.

Tate Britain has recently acquired one of Perry’s ceramic vases entitled “I thought of you today (after Francis Bacon)” which was created in 2008. This acquisition by Tate Britain was preceded by the artist’s first major solo exhibition at the gallery which was held in 2009, where he displayed over 50 works made using ceramics, drawings and tapestries, to name but a few mediums that were used.

Grayson Perry has a lot of experience in making ceramics, having studied at Camberwell College of Arts in London and later moving on to study under a potter named Bernard Leach. In his first year of studying ceramics he won a prestigious prize at the National Student Ceramic awards.

We are here to exhibit, sell and admire a collection of artworks by Grayson Perry who is the artist in residence for the month.

We will be open from 11am-5pm.

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