8 Digital Artists You Might Not Know but You Should

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This is a blog on top most relevant digital artists which you should know but you don’t.

Digital art has become more popular than ever before and it seems that every day there is a new artist who is pushing the boundaries of what digital art can do. There are some digital artists we know of that have been around for a long time and they are still at the top of their game.

From fine art to pop art, digital art has come a long way, here is a list of 8 digital artists you might not know but should.

01: Martin John Callanan – He was the first person to present their work online as an online exhibition in 1998. His work focuses mainly on interactive 2D and 3D graphics with colorful animations and computer generated imagery.

02: Drew Christie – He is an internationally recognized pioneer in Digital Art and Design. Christie has since then held many exhibitions including Pixelache Helsinki in 2007 where he was one of only two artists who were invited to represent Canada at this global event.

03: Cory Archangel – Cory started making web-based interactive works back in 1999 and has since then evolved his style into a more sophisticated, streamlined version which creates an overall effect that is both visually stunning, poetic and surrealistic.04: Martine

In this blog, we will name the top most relevant digital artists who are working with different applications and software. We will also show you their sculptures and paintings. As they are very well known in the art community, many people know them. But I am sure that there are many people who still don’t know them or have heard about them. So here is the list:

1) Bill Viola

Bill Viola is an American artist who is well known for his video installations. He was born in 1951, in New York City, where he lives and works now. He studied at the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he got his BA in 1973 and then at Yale University where he graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1977. His work often focuses on natural elements like fire and water. Some of his pieces are made for video screens and projectors, but some are also made for places like museums or galleries. He has been working on this style of videos for more than 25 years now.

2) Olafur Eliasson

Eliasson was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1967 and currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He received a degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 1994 when he

Being an artist can be a very lonely and challenging job. These artists created their work in solitude, and are still creating it today. Their work is a testament to the strength of the creative spirit and the importance of art to society.

There are many digital artists that you might not know but should.…

When it comes to digital art and artists, the best way to begin is with an image, then a story. The image as it appears on the screen, the story as told by the artist himself and this blog that will try to compile all significant information about digital artists.

You’ve probably heard of some of these artists, but there’s always a chance you haven’t. So with this article we’ll try to introduce some of them and their work in order for you to better understand the world of digital art and do your own research on it.

Nowadays there are thousands of artists working in the field of digital art and they are all incredible people with unique stories behind their pieces. The aim is to get people aware that there is more to digital art than just what we see on a computer screen or printed on paper.

Digital Art is a wide area that includes many things such as graphic design, web design and other forms of art that can be created using computers rather than traditional media. A large number of techniques, styles and subjects may be used in digital art which makes it even more exciting when browsing through countless sites online and offline. Digital artists have actually managed to use programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw to create masterpieces that are not only pleasing

There are also many digital artists that have been around for a while. Digital art is not just something new, it’s been around for quite some time and it has undergone quite some change. Here are a few digital artists you should know about, who have been doing this for years and have helped to shape the form of digital art today:

1. Bill Viola

William J. “Bill” Viola is an American video artist known for his pioneering work in video installation, specifically relating to the spiritual and sensory effects of light, color, sound and movement. He was born in 1951 in New York City.
2. Ulay

Ulay (born Frank Uwe Laysiepen) is a German-born performance artist and photographer who lives and works in Amsterdam.
3. Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer is an American conceptual artist best known for her public art installations typically featuring printed words.
4. Douglas Davis

Douglas Davis is an American computer artist who works with 3D modeling software as a medium to produce abstracted forms which he then photographs.
5. Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman is an American photographer known for her black and white self-portraits.

These days, if you want to create art that’s radically different from anything that came before, it’s probably going to be digital art. But it’s not an easy field to break into. Digital artists face the same kind of obscurity that all new artists do, but they also have the additional problem of being expected to work with expensive equipment and programs.

While there are a ton of digital artists who are well-known and well-respected, here are some who aren’t as well-known but should be.

1) Randall Balsmeyer

Randall Balsmeyer is a painter whose style is described as “abstract impressionism.” He has been creating art since he was a young child, and has no formal training in painting or any other form of art. His work is inspired by his life experiences; for example, he said about one painting, “As I drove past the Land O Lakes Dairy on County Rd. E East in Wisconsin at sunset, I was moved by the beautiful colors and shapes of the milk tanks against the sky…I think my paintings are best seen as visual poems that invite viewers to consider their own lives.”

2) Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell is more

The art world, as we know it today, is inherently a digital medium. There are only so many paintings to be hung in the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There is only so much marble to be chiseled into statues. And there are only so many museums on earth that can house the extra pieces.

But there are no limits on how many websites we can create or how much storage space we can have online. That means artists now have an unprecedented opportunity to present their work in ways that would have been unthinkable before the web came along.

If you want to get a broad overview of what’s happening in the art world, you’ll find plenty of websites covering the topics you’d expect: news sites like ArtNetNews or Hyperallergic, digital-only sites like Rhizome or The Daily Serving, and general-interest arts sites like Artsy.

But you probably won’t find these eight artists on any of those sites — at least not yet. These artists operate outside the mainstream, but they’re making work that’s just as important as most of what passes for “cutting edge” today – perhaps even more so.

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