7 Benefits of Rangoli Art

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Rangoli art is an art way of expressing your feelings, thoughts and imagination. It gives you a lot of fun in drawing and makes the decoration of your house more beautiful.

The first thing it brings in your life is Creativity: Rangoli art is such a wonderful art that helps to develop your creativity in your daily life. It makes you more creative and active in your work as well as in your home. The second thing it brings to you is Environmental Awareness: Rangoli art is such a great thing that promotes environmental awareness among people. It not only helps you to make the environment look clean but also helps to get rid of all the wastage from the houses and offices. The third benefit it brings is Entertainment: Rangoli art provides entertainment at every step. You can enjoy this amazing art with any member of your family because this doesn’t require any special skill or talent. The fourth benefit it brings is Mental Health: Numerous research studies have found that arts like Rangoli art help to improve mental health if practiced regularly. It enhances self-esteem, confidence and intelligence of people who are involved in this particular field. The fifth thing it brings to you is Stress Relief: Art has been known to help relieve stress and tension better than counseling or

What is rangoli art?

Rangoli Art is the Indian art of drawing colorful designs on the ground. The images are usually floral or geometric, and often contain religious themes. These images are drawn during festivals such as Holi and Diwali, or for special occasions such as a wedding or birth. Sometimes the designs are created for fun, to create a festive atmosphere.

I was born in India, but moved to the United States when I was eight years old. When I first became interested in Rangoli Art, I discovered that it isn’t well known outside of India. So I made it my goal to share Rangoli Art with the world. My hope is that you will enjoy this art form, and perhaps become inspired to try it yourself!

In this blog you will find information about what Rangoli Art is, where it comes from, how to draw different designs using Rangoli Art techniques, and more!

Here are 7 ways Rangoli Art can benefit you:

1. Increases creativity and imagination- You may be wondering how creating designs on the ground can help creativity or imagination! But don’t underestimate the power of this skill! Drawing these images requires you to use your creativity and imagination, in order to come up

Rangoli is a very common Indian art form. It is actually a form of chalk art that is done on the floor. Rangoli is done on the floor, usually in front of a Hindu deity or as a welcome for respected guests.

Tiles are arranged to form intricate patterns and colorful designs. The patterns are beautiful to look at with their bold colors and the images are interesting and complex. The designs incorporate several different elements including geometrical shapes, floral designs, religious symbols, animals and birds. It is definitely one of the most popular types of Indian arts.

Goddess Lakshmi

Performing rangoli art can have several benefits to you and your family as it can be used in several ways. Here are 7 major benefits of rangoli:

Rangoli is one of the oldest and most loved art forms in India. It is created during Diwali and its significance is that Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, will be blessed with wealth if a Rangoli is created at home.

Till date this art form has been passed on through generations and not only used as an auspicious sign but also to create awareness on different social issues like female infanticide, dowry, polio vaccination etc. The new trend of Rangoli art is making it very popular among the younger generation too.

There are numerous benefits of Rangoli Art and we discuss them below:

1) Aesthetically pleasing: The most obvious benefit of Rangoli is that it looks attractive. It has become a very popular item for photo taking and it adds to the beauty of your house. It can make your house look colorful; it makes your living rooms look brighter. It is a wonderful art form that can enhance the beauty of your home in no time.

2) Exercises Your Brain: If you don’t know how to pick colors or which colors go well together then start practicing Rangoli Art and you will discover some hidden talents in yourself!

3) Creates

Once you start making them, it is hard to stop. In fact, for many people, there is no such thing as stopping. For them Rangoli Art is not a hobby but an obsession. A serious one at that.

For those who are just getting started, here are some tips on how to make Rangoli Art.

1. Invest in good colored powders. Don’t try to cut costs by buying cheap ones. Cheap colored powders tend to have a lot of adulterants and even toxic chemicals that can ruin the colors and cause allergies and rashes. They also tend to fade away quickly, especially if you are planning to work on a big piece of art making use of more than one color.

2. Prepare your materials well in advance before starting work on your masterpiece.

3. Decide what you want the background of your Rangoli artpiece to be like: plain or patterned paper or cloth perhaps? You can use either white or black paper or cloth for this purpose- both will give equally wonderful results- but remember that white paper/cloth will serve as a better contrast for brightly colored rangoli designs than black paper/cloth will.*

4. If using paper, make sure it is thick enough so that

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