64 DIY Ideas for Large Wall Art Installation

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Wall art can transform a room and make it more interesting. We have shared creative ideas for small wall art in a previous post and today I am bringing you 64 DIY Ideas for Large Wall Art Installation.

Nowadays we are surrounded by wall art. However, the truth is that most of them are simply too big for our living spaces. But why not make some yourself? You can create cool wall art which will fit perfectly into your bedroom or kitchen wall and will be a great decoration for you.

Here are 64 DIY ideas for large wall art installation:

1. Install a window turned on its side to create an easy-to-install and eye-catching piece of wall art!

2. Create interesting shapes with old windows and mirrors, such as this one here where you can see a heart shape!

3. Use different shades of paint to make a pattern on the wall. This looks very artistic!

4. An idea for paper and chalkboard wall art: you can use old frames and paint them in a color that compliments your room while using paper and chalkboard paint to add cute message or quotes on them!

5. Another very cool idea is to install wood boards over your bed headboard to create this kind of artwork on it!

6. A great idea is to use the empty space from underneath your staircase as a way to showcase artwork pieces!

7. Create a mosaic with small tiles or stones, such as these ones here where

Wall art installation will allow you to change the look of any room in your home. Below are 64 DIY ideas for large wall art installation that are both modern and simple. Whether you’re into abstract, geometric or classic, we’ve got you covered.

*Be inspired by these 64 DIY ideas for large wall art installation!

*Art can transform a room. To get the look of your dreams, follow these DIY ideas for large wall art installation.*

Large wall art installation is a great way to decorate your home and make a statement. In this article you can find 64 DIY large wall art ideas: from the easiest and cheapest one (such as painting an old picture frame) to the most difficult and challenging ones, such as creating your own paper or fabric wall art or finding the perfect shipping pallets for creating DIY wall art installation.

Large wall art installation is a way to create a great addition to your home decor. With large wall art, you can make your living room, living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom look more attractive and beautiful. You only need to choose the best design and concept for the large wall art.

Tin Can Wall Art

Do you have many empty tin cans around? Instead of throwing them away or recycling them, why don’t you use them as an excellent and stunning large wall art? Just paint each tin can with different colors such as red, yellow, blue, green or brown. You can also write on the tin cans with black pens or markers. Then simply nail them onto the wooden board in different patterns and angles that will be a wonderful sight to see.*

Fashionable Shoe Wall Art Design

You might wonder about how to make a large wall art using some old shoes that are not longer used. It does not take too much effort if you are creative enough. Buy some old shoes that are still in good condition but no longer used by you or other family members. Then paint each shoe with different colors such as white, red and black or any other colors of your choice. After painting all of them, let them dry. Next step is


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Cool Wall Art

If you are looking for cool wall art to decorate your house, this post is a right place to find what you want. Most of these decorative pieces are cheap and easy to create. What’s more, they look very good and creative. They can be made by using recycled things or materials you can purchase at the hardware store. I’m sure you will love them and use them in your home. Have fun!

1. Create A Wall Mosaic With Old Bottles

You need: old bottles, adhesive tape and grout (or plaster). Cut the bottoms of the bottles and arrange them in a mosaic pattern as shown above. You can add mosaic tiles for extra effect or cover each bottle with colored paper or fabric before attaching it to the wall. Then apply grout or plaster over the whole surface to fix everything in place. Apply several coats if necessary, waiting for each layer to dry before adding the next one.

2. Create A Giant Picture With Newspapers And Duct Tape

You need: old newspapers, duct tape and paint or wallpaper sample books (optional). First, cut out all the pictures from old newspapers and magazines

Wall art is the best way to upgrade your house and make it more beautiful. You can make wall decor with your own hands and without spending too much money. The project is really easy and if you follow my instructions your wall art will look awesome.

The first thing that you should do is choose a theme. It can be anything from quotation, animals or flowers and trees to famous characters from movies or cartoons. Just use your imagination and choose the one theme that you like the most.

Now that you have chosen the theme for your project, it’s time to find a picture that will fit in with it. You can find thousands of pictures on the internet but I recommend that you avoid using them because they are copyrighted and you risk getting into trouble.

Instead of using pictures, why don’t you try drawing one? It’s easier than it seems and if you don’t believe me, just try.

You can also cut out a part of any picture from a magazine or catalog and paste it onto a cardboard. Make sure that it’s only the picture that you are going to paste on your wall art because magazines have glossy covers which will make it harder for you to paste the paper onto your cardboard.

After choosing the picture for your project all you have to

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