5 Ways to Photograph Your Hair the Right Way

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A lot of people take pictures of their hair. And we can’t blame them, because it’s a great way to express yourself. But did you know there is a right and wrong way to do that? For example, you should make sure your hair always looks perfect and healthy. That’s the key to creating the best possible photos.

To help you out, here are 5 tips on how to photograph your hair the right way:

1. Pick the Right Background

Beautiful backgrounds are a huge part of any good photo shoot. It is important for you to choose a background that compliments your hair and make you look as good as possible. So it’s not just about picking any old background; but about picking the right one for your hair color and style.

2. Always Make Sure Your Hair Looks Stylish

Hair styling is important for every photo shoot, but this is even more important when you are photographing your own hair. To make your photos even more stylish, try styling your hair in different ways before taking pictures of it. It will give you more options when choosing which ones look best. You can also use different accessories in each photo to add some variety as well!

3. Be Confident When Taking Pictures Of Your Hair


The art of hair photography is one that has been around for some time now. It is an art form that was popularized by the likes of the “Unorthodox Barber” and his clients, but it is one that has been around long before that.

But why? What makes the perfect shot of a hairstyle so important?

Here are some tips to help you find the right shots of your hair, both in quality and quantity.

1. Use good lighting – Good lighting is essential to any kind of photography, whether it is a photograph of your hair or anything else. Natural lighting will give you the best results, but lamps can be used as well. A natural window with sunlight shining in works great, but sometimes this is not possible, depending on where you live and your schedule.*

2. Find the best angle – It’s hard to take a good picture of your hair straight on, because it flattens out the image too much. Try to find an angle that shows more detail in your hair.*

4. Wear flattering clothing – It may sound silly, but you don’t want to be wearing something in the background of your image that distracts from your hair or distracts from the focus of the image.*

5. Have fun! Don

It’s not just women who read fashion magazines and see their favorite celebrities on the red carpet. Men are also interested in hairstyles and hair color trends. And even if your man isn’t as interested in his appearance as you are, you can still make him look better by getting to know more about hair photography.

Trying out different hairstyles is one of the most exciting things a woman can do. Whether it’s a change in color or going short or long, it feels good to try something new. But you have to be careful when taking pictures of your hair, because not all photos turn out the way that you want them to be. There are certain factors to take into account for a great photo, such as lighting and positioning. Here are five tips that will help you with your next photo session:

1. Check out the background or pose in advance

Avoid having distracting elements in your photo, such as furniture or people, especially if they’re not part of the picture. You may want to eliminate an object that appears on the side of the frame with Photoshop or another image editing software.

2. Have adequate lighting

The best way to shoot photos of your hair is to use natural light because it will allow you to control shadows effectively and eliminate harsh

As a woman, we feel that your hair is an extension of you and thus, it is a perfect medium to express your individuality.

Hair is naturally beautiful; all you have to do is frame it right. Having said this, you should know that there are certain things that you can do in order to make your hair photography look better.

If you want to celebrate the beauty of your hair through photography follow these tips:**

-Have a good hairstyle that will look good on camera. It can be anything like braids, ponytails, bangs and more.**

-Choose the correct angle for shooting. Lying down shots can make your hair look limp and heavy while the top of the head shots will emphasize how long and thick your locks are. Also, avoid head-on shots as they are usually unflattering. Get creative and try different angles until you find what works for you.**

-One thing that you should never forget to do when taking pictures of your hair is styling it perfectly prior to having them taken.*

-Pick the right background for your shoot. A solid color background can help bring out the natural highlights in your hair better than solid backgrounds with patterns or designs.*

-Avoid using flash in taking pictures of your

Hair art is the kind of photography that captures the beauty of a subject. Hair art photography is different from other types of photography because it focuses on hair as the main subject, and not just as a part of a portrait.

Trying to find an appropriate style or technique in order to create a hair art photo is pretty challenging. Hairs are very fine, delicate and difficult to capture by camera. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot capture your favorite hair style in such artistic way.

1. Subject Portraits

When capturing a person’s portrait, do not forget about his/her hairstyle. Hair is a significant part of every individual and can help show his/her personality and character. Therefore, try to create an original composition with the help of your model’s hair style.

2. Disheveled Hair Art

If you want to create disheveled hair art then focus on messy hairstyles and don’t forget about capturing some strands in motion. It is also important to pay attention to lighting conditions for achieving this effect. If you want to create bright and sharp images you will have to use hard light sources and vice versa for more blurred effects use soft sources or reflectors which will fill your image with shadows and highlights.


For centuries, the human head has been an outlet for artistic expression. Artists have always found ways to show their hair. The ancient Egyptians were known for elaborate hairstyles and intricate wigs that conveyed status and power. The Incas shaved their heads for religious purposes and also used hair to communicate with other tribes.

The history of photography is also littered with images of people’s hair. Early portraits were posed to capture the subject’s hair from every angle. A quick portrait on a film set today sometimes requires the same attention to detail.

Hair art or hairdo art is the art of arranging hair, most often on a woman’s head. It is a specialty within the hair and makeup field. Hair art is related to but different from hairstyling, which is generally considered to be a more technical process.

Contrary to many techniques of hairdressing, the work of a hair artist does not focus mainly on giving shape to the hairstyle. It rather aims at adding a second dimension to it by using accessories such as flowers, feathers and extensions. The goal is to highlight the beauty of hairstyling by emphasizing the three-dimensional aspect of hair.

Tying is an important part of hair artistry. The tying can be used for many purposes such as creating headdresses or simply decorating hair with ribbons. The main focus for tying is not only the form but also the texture and color of the ribbon used in this technique. This gives hair art its unique style; in some cases it can also prevent a model from wearing her own hair during photo shoots.[1]**

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