5 Ways To Design A Unique Cover and Get Your Book Noticed

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If you’re a writer, it’s very likely that you are writing a book. If you’re writing a book, it’s almost a certainty that you will want to share it with the world. To do that, you’ll need a cover for your book.

How do you go about choosing the perfect cover for your masterpiece? How can you design a unique cover that will make people take notice and read your book? Before you begin to create your cover, here are five tips to help make your book stand out from the thousands of others on Amazon:

The most obvious way to make your book stand out on a bookshelf is to give it a unique cover. After all, it’s what people see first. The more attention-grabbing and eye-catching your cover is, the more likely people are to buy your book and the more you’ll sell.

TIP: Make sure the title of your book is clearly visible on the cover. This will help people find it when they’re browsing in a bookstore or library or searching for it online.

Here are 5 tips that will help you design a unique cover for your book:

1) Use the right tools

If you want to make your own book cover, there are plenty of tools out there to help you. One of the best is Canva, which has templates that allow you to upload your own images, change text and fonts and everything else that you need for an awesome cover design. You can also make covers for free. If you don’t have access to any professional graphic design software or apps like Canva, try Microsoft Paint. It has plenty of features and options so you can still create a great looking cover with it.

2) Come up with an original idea

The most unique covers come from unique ideas. You can start by

Today we will be talking about how to design a cover that stands out. If you are designing your own book, then it is crucial that the cover is unique, eye-catching and professional.

Fiction Book Covers

If you are writing fiction, then there will be aspects of your book that need to be included on the front cover. This includes the author name, the title and possibly some intriguing text from the book. You may also wish to add an image that reflects some aspect of the story into the background.

Turning this into a unique design can be challenging, but these five tips will help you create something amazing!

1) Think about what people have seen before

People will have seen many book covers before. This means that you need to find something new and exciting to include in your design. A good way of doing this is to think about what people have not seen in previous books. For example, maybe you could use an image of a person who appears in the story but not on any other covers or even a fictional character who never appears in any other books. You can also think about using an original font or color scheme.

2) Make sure your text is easy to read

Your book cover is a very small space so it

“The most important thing to consider when designing a book cover is that your book needs to stand out from the crowd. The art of designing a great book cover is knowing how to attract attention and get your audience interested in looking at more than just the title of the book; it should also appeal to their emotions.

A great book cover is unique and demands to be picked up by potential readers, who will then read the back of the book and decide whether or not it’s something they want to invest their time into reading.

If you want to design a great book cover, here are five ways you can get started with this process.

1. Understand The Purpose Of A Book Cover

A great cover design is one which appeals not only to your target market but also makes them want to pick up your book and read more about it. A good place to start is by picking out some books which are similar in style and genre to yours, and understand why they have appealed so much to their audience.

2. Use An Eye-Catching Design

Remember that your potential customers will be bombarded with thousands of images every single day. Your book needs an eye-catching design so that it stands out amongst all of those other books on the shelf.”

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” -Ernest Hemingway.

We may think that if we could only find the time, or the right place, we could write our masterpiece. The truth is that, if you want to get your book written, now is the time. “Ideal” is a mirage; create a cover design with these five tips and you’ll be closer to getting your book noticed.

As a professional graphic designer, I have seen hundreds of book covers. Some are good. Others are very bad. And the vast majority of them fall somewhere in between. One problem is that many authors design their own covers and believe they look terrific.

TIP 1: Don’t design your own cover!

Why? Because as an author you are too close to your book to design a cover that works for what you need to achieve with it. This is true for two reasons-one practical and one perceptual.

First, the practical reason: You will not be able to do justice to both the interior of your book and its cover. You know your writing inside-out, but very few authors can successfully create a professional quality cover from scratch. A few can, but most end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a cover that they aren’t satisfied with while feeling it isn’t worth the money they spent because they just don’t “get” art.

Second, the perceptual reason: Most people who judge books by their covers first look at the cover, so if you have designed your own cover and it looks like something you made yourself, then it’s likely that the reader’s first impression of your book will be negative even before he reads a word

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