5 Tips to Display Your Earrings That You’re Not Thinking Of

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Are you tired of searching for a place to hang your earrings? Here are 5 tips that will help you display your earrings in an organized manner.

In the past years, it has become quite popular to use accessories as wall décor. One of the most interesting and creative ways to do this is by using your earrings as wall art. Using this idea, you can create a beautiful focal point for your room.

TIP 1 – Scatter them around a mirror: Mirrors are great for this because they give the illusion that the earrings are actually hanging on the wall. To add more definition and dimension to the display, you can hang a smaller mirror above the larger one.

A full-length mirror is an even better way to maximize space and make your jewelry appear to be floating off of the walls.

TIP 2 – Use a hanger: This is probably one of the easiest ways to display your earrings on your wall. You can hang them in any way that you want, whether it be one by one or five on one hanger, depending on what look you’re going for. The only important thing that you need to know is how many inches apart they should be hung from each other. This will depend on both the size of each earring and how large you want them to appear when you’re looking at them in person. Start with about two inches apart

Display your earrings in a way that is stylish and fun.

1. Display them on a beautiful picture frame.

2. Display them on a gorgeous wooden tray

3. Display them on an antique mirror

4. Display them on a lovely piece of furniture such as a chest or dresser.

5. Display them on an old ladder, in two hanging sections, using hooks to hold each set of earrings, so you can see them all at once and still have room for more!

Whether you’re a lover of arts or just like to collect different things, it is a proven fact that humans are very visual beings. We love to look at things that are pleasing and beautiful to the eye. It uplifts our mood, makes us feel good, and of course, adds value to our home.

Thing is, what makes people think that art is limited only to paintings or sculptures? But when we talk about art we don’t always mean the same thing. For some, art is about collecting masterpieces by renowned artists and for others, it’s about creating something out of their own imagination or inspiration.

1) Display Your Earrings

It doesn’t matter if you have one pair of earrings or thousands of pairs of earrings, all earrings need to be displayed properly so that they can be shown off. Well placed earrings make all the difference in showing them off.

2) Put Them on Display

If you have more than one pair of earrings, why not put them on display? You can always create a display case on your wall where you can hang your earrings using command hooks. This will allow you to show off as much jewelry as possible in a small space. As

A good place to store them is in a nice jewelry box. You may be tempted to put your earrings in the box while they’re still on their display cards or posts, but this is not good as it could damage them. Don’t stack your jewelry boxes on top of each other, either.

Your earrings are best stored in individual plastic sleeves or compartments to avoid tangling. This will help maintain their shape and shine for years to come. They can be stored for a long period of time this way without losing their beauty or luster.


One of the best ways to organize your earrings is to hang them on a hook or a hanger. This is especially great for those who have a lot of earrings that they want to display.

TIP 1: Hang the hook or hanger on the wall. You can find these at any local craft store and they are fairly easy to install. If you want, you can mount this on the wall using double-sided tape. Once it’s mounted, you’re ready to go.

TIP 2: Go to your local craft store and pick up some inexpensive beads in different shapes and sizes to attach to your earring hooks. They have all sorts of fun shapes and sizes that will add some design flair to your earring display.

TIP 3: Another option is using magnets to hang your earrings. Go to the hardware store and buy some fun decorative magnets that will match your décor. You could also paint them so they match your style if you’d like. Simply attach these magnets to the back of your earring hooks, then attach them to a metal surface such as a refrigerator or filing cabinet door. You can place them alphabetically by letter or numerically by number (1 through 12).

TIP 4: This is one

You know how important your jewelry is to you, so you want to ensure that they are always in the best condition. Keeping them in the best condition means keeping them clean, and this is easier said than done. If you do not know how to clean your jewelry, you should read the tips below.

TIP 1: Cleaning your earrings with a toothbrush.

If you own costume/fake jewelry, then brushing them with a toothbrush will do just fine. But if it is genuine jewelry, then you need to be more careful when cleaning it with a toothbrush. This is because some of the materials used in genuine jewelry are very delicate, and brushing it with a toothbrush can damage it easily. If your earrings are made of gold then buy a special cleaning cloth for gold and use that instead of a toothbrush.

TIP 2: Cleaning your jewelry using soap and water.

In order to make sure that you clean your jewelry thoroughly, make sure that the soap you use is mild. Using any other kind of soap can harm your jewelry’s surface and color over time. How much soap that you use will depend on how dirty the jewelry is but as long as it does not go overboard, it is still safe to use.

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