5 Things Your Cover Art Can and Should Do For You

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I’ve seen a lot of covers over the years. Some are so bad they’re funny, some are so good they sell the book, and most sit somewhere in between. The difference between a good cover and a bad one can be the difference between a book selling or not. Here are 5 things your cover art can and should do for you.

Makes a statement about genre

Makes a statement about content

Makes a statement about style

Sells the book

Sets tone appropriately

In the publishing world, your cover art can and should do for you what a resume does for a job applicant.

So, in this post I’d like to give you a “guide for dummies” about cover art.

Here are 5 things that your cover art should convey to people who see it:

1. The tone of your book.

2. The genre of your book.

3. Who your target audience is (remember, they need to know this even before they read the back-cover blurb).

4. How professionally done your book is (for example – how well edited it is, how well formatted it is, how good the proofreading is).

5. How unique or different your book is from the competition (as in – are there other books out there that are similar?)

Let’s take those one at a time and look at each of them more closely:**

The truth is, your cover art is just as important — if not more so — than the book itself. Because it’s what draws readers in and gets them to click “buy now.” Your cover art should be able to accurately convey the tone of the story, have a unique design and style, and most importantly — sell your book!

Make sure you are getting the most out of your cover art by taking advantage of these 5 things:

1. Choose image colors that complement your novel.

2. Use an image that represents your story.

3. Make sure it’s eye-catching and engaging for potential readers.

4. Have a font that is easy to read, but also matches the theme of your novel.

5. Be descriptive with everything from title placement to tag lines so readers can get a feel for your book right away!

The cover art for a book is the first thing that readers will see, and it can affect their perception of your book in several important ways. A striking or well-designed cover can draw readers’ attention to your book in a crowded bookstore or online list, and help them remember your book when they’re browsing for something to read later on. A good cover can also boost sales by encouraging readers to buy an ebook version of your book, rather than a competitor’s version.

So what makes a good cover? Cover artist Michael Frost offers some good advice in this blog post:

1) A great cover will attract attention. There are plenty of books out there competing for readers’ time and money, so you want yours to stand out on a crowded shelf or list of search results. Depending on what kind of fiction you write, you may want to emphasize certain elements of the story (or even surprise the reader) with your choice of imagery.

2) A great cover will convey something about the genre and tone of your book. For instance, if you’re writing a mystery/thriller with lots of suspense and action, you’ll want an intense image; if it’s more cozy or humorous, then you might want an illustration that captures that tone as well.

The most important thing about your book cover is that it’s the first impression people have of your writing. It’s one of the most important reasons to invest in professional editing and publishing. Let’s face it, if you’re self-publishing (and are not Stephen King or J.K. Rowling), chances are slim that someone will pick up your book because of the blurb on the back.

But before they even open the book, they’ll see that front cover… and if it doesn’t scream “quality,” they’ll put it down and move on. As an author, you need to consider: Does your cover reflect what kind of writing you do? Does it reflect what you want to be known for? Does it say anything about the content within?

I’ve thought long and hard about my own books’ covers and have come up with these 5 tips for designing a cover that does all that for you, as well as its primary job of attracting readers!

A well-designed cover is one of the most important parts of your book because it will make or break your sales. A good cover will draw readers to you and help you stand out from other authors in the marketplace. A bad cover will turn them away before they even get a chance to read your description.

Treat your cover like a billboard. It’s what you first show someone when they’re considering buying your book, so make it count! Here are 5 things your cover should do:

Book covers are an author’s first impression to their audience, so it is imperative that they be as professional as possible. A book cover design should help a reader determine whether or not they want to purchase the book.

There are five main things the design of a book cover can do for you and your book:

1. The cover should be attention-grabbing.

2. The cover should accurately portray what’s inside the pages.

3. The cover should intrigue your audience with subtext and symbolism.

4. The cover should establish credibility by reflecting similar designs of bestselling books in your genre.

5. The cover design should be consistent with the content of the book.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these points:

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