3 Do’s and Don’t For Great Engraved Jewelry

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Diamond Engraving is an age old tradition but with a modern twist. It is done for several reasons. The most common reason is to put the name or initials of a loved one on the piece of jewelry. It can also be used as part of the overall design of the piece, as a detail in itself or even as an additional layer of protection against theft.

Telling you how to do it and when to do it are two different things. You should know what not to do as well as what to do and that is something I am going to discuss with you here today. So, let’s take a look at 3 Do’s and Don’t For Great Engraved Jewelry:

You might have a piece of jewelry that’s not just unique, but also precious. You might be wondering what the best way to display it is. While there are countless ways to show off a treasured piece of jewelry, here are three do’s and don’ts for great engraved jewelry.

Laser engraving is a great way to personalize your jewelry. However, there are some important things to consider before you go ahead with the engraving process.

The 3 Dos and Don’ts of Engraved Jewelry.


Whether you are an artist or a jewelry designer, there is no doubt that you will have to create your own engraving work sooner or later. It is not only a matter of choice but also an indication of professionalism as well. To make the best out of engraved jewelry, here are some Do’s and Don’ts that you should know.

Treat your piece with utmost care

Before you start working on a particular design, make sure that the material used in it is not easily corroded. This will save you all the time and energy you would have to spend on cleaning and polishing it. This would mean that when you engrave something, it should be done on non-porous materials such as metal or plastic.

Don’t forget about your tools

Jewelry engraving requires having the right tools for the job. The tool you need depends on what type of material you will be working on. In other words, if you want to engrave something made out of metal, then use a metal engraving tool for it. If you are planning on engraving glassware or porcelain then use one made from plastic instead. It is highly recommended to purchase your own set of tools so that they

Engraved jewelry has been a part of the culture of this country for centuries. Every culture, every time period, and every individual had their own unique tastes when it came to the arts. Engraving was one of the most popular forms of art at that time and still is today.

The uses of engraved jewelry have been documented in many ways such as in churches, tombs and even on government documents.

Engraved jewelry can be found everywhere from the famous to the not so famous. They are so unique that many people choose them for their own fashion statement or as gifts for others.

The history of engraving goes back to ancient times when engraving patterns were etched onto various materials like stone, ivory and metal.

When you buy engraved jewelry, you want to make sure that you purchase great quality pieces because they are a form of investment. You will want your investment to last a long time. Keep these three points in mind if you are looking for great quality engraved jewelry.

Do you have a great idea for an engraved piece of jewelry? You have found the right place. We know the ins and outs of the art of jewelry engraving, and we can help you make a design that meets your wants and needs.

TIP 1: Don’t try to fit too much information into one piece. The more words you have engraved on a piece of jewelry, the smaller they must be in order to fit everything in. A good rule to follow is to limit your words or lettering to four lines, including punctuation marks. If you go above that amount, it starts getting difficult for customers to read.

TIP 2: Do use simple lettering styles. If you want your jewelry to look great and read easily, avoid fancy lettering styles like cursive or script. Go with bold block letters instead.

TIP 3: Don’t forget about kerning! If you are having two words engraved on a single piece, make sure there is enough space between them! Sans-serif fonts (like Arial) tend to look more professional than serif fonts (like Times New Roman), but either way make sure there is a little space between each word so it doesn’t look too crowded!

If you would like some

1. Don’t get in a rush. Engraving is not a fast process. It takes time to think, design and create your work of art.

2. Do make sure you are communicating with your engraver. Find out how much room you have for your message and take advantage of it. Some artist prefer to engrave more than one line of text while other leave ample space for their designs to stand out.

3. Do know what the limits are for your piece of jewelry. For instance, if you are creating a ring, be sure to find out what kinds of stones can be set into it and if there are any issues with using certain metals or gemstones. This will save time for everyone involved and eliminate any problems or delays that might result from such miscommunications.

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