2017 Slice Time and Puzzle Piece Artists!

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Artists! : A blog featuring the 2017 winners and their work.

To register to be a Slice Time or Puzzle Piece Artist, visit: http://www.artgrid.ca/register-2017-artist **

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The art grid is a collection of works by the 2017 slice-time and puzzle piece artists. The blog features the winners’ portraits, biographical sketches, and their artwork.

Slice-time artist Diane DeKoven created an elaborate visual timepiece that cuts in half to reveal a slice of her life. Puzzle piece artist John Philip Falter organized a puzzle-making event for youth at his church.

Falter’s “Slicing Time” is a 3D puzzle that slowly emerges as each side of the cube is sliced off from the whole until only one piece remains – a representation of the fleeting nature of time.

This year’s artists show us that art doesn’t need to be static to be powerful – it can also move us with its message and mesmerize us with its beauty.

I’m delighted to introduce the 2017 Slice Time / Puzzle Piece Artist winners. Each week, we will feature one of these artists and their work. This year’s full list of winners can be found here, where you can also find information on how to make purchases and commissions.

The first artist we’re featuring is Richey Beckett, who won with this piece: “Wildwood Sublimation,” which he describes as a “mathematical analysis in hyperbolic space.”

Riches Beckett is a master printer who uses his mastery of color separation to create works of geometric abstraction, which are rooted in mathematics. His work is informed by Escher, Lissitzky and Mondrian, but also by his own personal history as an autistic man who was taught to think in shapes and lines.

We asked him about the creation of this piece. He told us that for this piece he worked with a mathematical function called the Mandelbrot Set (or M-set). It describes an iterative process that produces a sequence of numbers that gets longer and longer. The sequence never repeats itself but it does get progressively closer to repeating itself. Many fractals use this process, including the familiar Sierpinski triangle or the Koch snowflake

The artist selected for this year’s Slice Time piece is Helder Oliveira! Helder was born and lives in Porto, Portugal, where he works as a 3D artist. His background is in animation, which has influenced his sculptural technique.

Artist Statement- I use type of wood that only exists in my country. It´s called murta and it´s a kind of cork oak. The slice time piece will have a size of 12x8x1.5cm (4”x3”x0.6”).

The artist selected for this year’s Puzzle Piece piece is Anastasiya Kuzminskaya! Anastasiya was born and lives in Moscow, Russia, where she works as an architect. Her work explores the relationship between color and space, and her background in architecture has heavily influenced both her process and her subject matter.

Artist Statement- I want to create an environment with a feeling of home – a comfortable place where you can relax after a long day. In my vision the interior consists of 10 puzzle pieces forming the main elements of home: a table, kitchen cabinets, chairs, sofa and so on… I want the puzzle pieces to be modular so that it would be possible to assemble

The Slice Time and Puzzle Piece Contest is now closed. Thanks to all who participated!

The pieces are created by artists from around the world, and were selected by a panel of experts in contemporary art. Some of them are well known in their own countries, like the Italian painter Francesca Ghermandi, who was awarded in 2012 the prestigious Premio Acquisito per la Cultura dal Presidente della Repubblica (by the President of Italy); some others are less well known but have established a reputation as innovative artists like Polish graphic designer Mateusz Urbanowicz.

The 2D category includes paintings, drawings, photography and other forms of canvas-based art; 3D works include sculptures or installations.

As it happens with every edition, there are some outstanding works that stand out for their originality and experimentation. This year, one of the most remarkable is the “Puzzle Piece” by the British artist Jason deCaires Taylor. This is not what we usually think about when we imagine an artwork: it is a large rectangular plate made of glass-reinforced concrete on which there are two things: dozens of small holes drilled at different levels and an inscription on one side with a quote by Leonardo Da Vinci “Sono piccoli pittori che dipingono grandi quadri” (Small pain

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The program is completely free for artists to use. There is no obligation to exhibit in any gallery or sell through the platform. The only requirement is that you create an account, fill out your profile information, and upload at least one photo of your artwork.

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