12 Tips for Framing Large Pieces of Artwork

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Hanging oversized wall art is not a do-it-yourself project. The piece must be custom framed to support the weight of the artwork and preserve it.

12 Tips for Framing Large Pieces of Artwork: A blog outlining the specifics of framing large art. You can also use these tips to determine if you want to hire a professional framer or do it yourself.

Oversized wall art is beautiful and can be a conversation starter but hanging them can be tricky. Here are 12 tips for framing large pieces of artwork.

1) Use wire to hang the piece when you bring it home from the store. This will allow you to easily get it as close as possible to where you want it on the wall without leaving any marks on your brand new investment. This will also give you an idea of what length of wire you will need for your frame.

2) Calculate the size of frame that will work best with your wall art. For example, if you have 8 inch wide artwork, then look for a frame that is at least 8 inches deep so there is room enough behind the artwork so no one sees any part of the frame on your wall. If you are planning to hang your piece high on a wall, then look for a larger

Large artwork can make a huge statement, but it’s trickier to frame than smaller pieces. Here are some tips for framing large pieces of artwork:

1. Measure your wall space. If you’re not sure how much room you have, take a tape measure and place it on the wall. It’s better to go with slightly less than more.

2. Think about the colors in your artwork and how they’ll look on the wall. You want the colors in the artwork to pop, so keeping the surrounding colors clean is important. For example, if you have a bold piece of art in reds and oranges, think about painting the walls yellow or blue-green to offset it.

3. Include a 1/4 inch all around for matting and framing, especially for large pieces which need to be stretched for framing purposes.*

4. Consider professional help for large pieces of art if you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t have time for DIY projects.*

5. Pay attention to lighting when hanging large pieces of art.*

6. Make sure your picture is level before hanging.*

7. Remember that lights are an important part of any gallery wall design.*

8. Place your favorite piece at eye level.*

9. Keep

When framing large art, it’s important to be sure to have the space to display it. Whether you’re framing an antique, a poster that is too big for your own wall, or just a large piece of artwork, make sure you have the space for it in your home before you start framing.

Properly sizing your work will enable you to frame it perfectly. While you may have a specific frame in mind for your piece, remember that different frames offer different widths and depths. Be realistic about what can fit in the space available and don’t hesitate to ask a framer for help if necessary.

Treat the artwork with care while it’s being framed. Many pieces are delicate, so handling them gently and using appropriate packing materials (bubble wrap, padding) will help ensure they arrive safely at their destination and in the right condition.

The most important thing when framing large art is to be sure you’re using high-quality materials and skilled craftsmen. This is a good idea no matter what size your piece is, but especially true when working with larger pieces of artwork. Using low-quality materials or craftsmanship risks damaging your artwork or making it difficult to display in the desired location.*”

As an artist, you can create any size artwork you want, but you may still have to frame it. While some pieces are large enough to be hung on a wall without a frame, framing is often necessary for certain types of art. Choosing the right type of frame can make or break the piece and add to its beauty. Here are some tips for framing large pieces of artwork.


When it comes to framing large pieces of artwork, you have to be extra careful. Wall art that’s too big for a frame can end up looking bad. Use these simple tips and tricks to frame your large pieces of wall art correctly.

TIP 1: Get the right size frame. It’s important to get a frame that is the right size for your piece of artwork. If you don’t you may end up with a lot of empty space around the artwork which may be distracting. If your artwork is bigger than the frame, consider getting a mat board cut to fit the larger frame and then using it in combination with smaller pieces of standard frame molding (called “rails”).

TIP 2: Consider using an existing piece of furniture as an art piece. If you have an old dresser or cabinet that is still in good shape, consider removing the doors, drawers or shelves and then hanging your artwork on the bare piece of furniture. This will add a unique look to your wall decor and give protection to your framed wall art as well.

TIP 3: Find ways to make the picture look like it was painted on the wall. You can do this by painting the wall color behind the picture a shade darker or lighter than the picture itself (

Art is made to be displayed. When you frame art, you are doing more than just displaying it; you are showing off your taste and style. Framing large pieces of art can be a challenge if you’re not sure what to do. Here are some tips to keep in mind when framing oversized artwork.

Larger pieces of art have their own unique challenges when it comes to framing. There are some things that you need to think about before framing oversized artwork, and there are even some things you will want to double check after the framing is complete.

Get the right materials for the job. If you are going to frame a large piece of artwork, make sure that your materials will be able to handle the size of the artwork. Don’t skimp on quality just because you are using high-quality materials for smaller pieces of art.

Materials like wood or mdf need thick backing boards so that they don’t warp as humidity levels change in your home or office. Larger pieces of art also need more space around them so make sure there is enough room in the matting and frame for glazing material if needed.

Include an oversize mat with your piece. Oversized frames can look too small for large pieces of artwork, which is why it

The challenge of framing large artwork is not the cost, it’s the size. It can be difficult to find a frame that works with an extremely large piece of art. If you’re dealing with a piece larger than the standard 32″ x 40″, you may need to do some extra shopping around.

TIP 1: Know Your Artwork’s Dimensions

Before you venture out to find a frame, make sure you know exactly how large your artwork is. If you don’t have the dimensions written down somewhere, you can use a ruler and measure it yourself, or get in touch with the seller and ask for their help.

TIP 2: Visit Frame Shops

If your artwork measures more than 40″ x 50″, most stores won’t have frames large enough for it, so your best bet is to visit a custom framer. These stores are easy enough to find — just look for “custom framing” on Google Maps or Yelp, or search for “custom framing” on Google, and shop around until you find one that’s convenient for you.

TIP 3: Consider Matting Rather Than Framing

When your piece measures more than 60″ x 80″, matting becomes an option, so if materials cost is an issue, don’t shy away

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