10 Signs You Have Muse Artists in Your Office

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Office decoration, while not an essential part of a modern business, can help improve the morale and productivity of employees. However, it is important to have the right artwork for your work environment. Muse artists can help you choose art that represents your business goals and brand image.

TIP: Identify the purpose of any artwork in your office before you purchase it. The purpose can be a reminder of your company’s vision or core values or to simply make sure that it isn’t offensive to clients or visitors.

10 Signs You Have Muse Artists in Your Office:

1. You have a single piece of artwork in each room, at most two pieces per room.

2. The art is either abstract or very “busy.” It is likely to be colorful and have many intricate shapes and patterns.

3. There are no images of people, animals, landscapes or anything that might be considered realistic art.

4. The art is displayed in simple black picture frames on white walls (or white walls).

5. The office’s colors are primarily black and white, but also include some reds, blues and/or oranges (but not green).

6. There are no plants in the offices or lobby areas because they distract from the art on the walls

**10 Signs You Have Muse Artists in Your Office**

The first thing to do when you realise your office has muse artists working for you is to take a step back and ask yourself: Is this something that should concern me? Should I be worried about the long term consequences of having art-obsessed individuals in my company?

Is this something that should concern me?

Probably. Muse artists are passionate people. They care deeply about their work, which means they can be demanding. If you thought your last employee was a handful, wait until you meet this creative bunch. The good news is that they’re bright, ambitious and full of ideas. The bad news is that they’re bright, ambitious and full of ideas.

If you’re lucky enough to have managed to get hold of some muse artists (and we hope you will), it’s important to give them the right tools to do their job properly. Here’s our advice:

Provide them with a budget and let them go wild in the art supply shop, then sit back and wait for all your problems to be solved… Just kidding!

It’s unlikely that any amount of money will satisfy your muse artists… But it’s worth a try!

Scour flea markets, bookstores or art

Art. The word alone is often enough to put business people on edge, conjuring up images of unstructured meetings, long-winded conversations, and impromptu brainstorming sessions.

But companies of all sizes can benefit from incorporating some art into their environments. Research shows that office art helps inspire creativity and even productivity. However, it can be challenging to integrate art into the everyday business environment without overdoing it or going overboard.

The following ten signs will help you know if your office has muse artists in it and can give you the confidence to create a more artistically inclined workplace.

Muse artists are often overlooked and undervalued. They’re the ones that typically draw the best cartoon pictures of dinosaurs on whiteboards. They’re the ones that send you a stapler for your birthday. They’re the ones that add their own personal touch to the office supplies, helping them stand out from the crowd.

Treat your muse artist well and they’ll make your office a more welcoming place to work and play. Follow these tips to keep your muse artist happy:

Art is a medium that must be discovered by the audience. It is also an opportunity for any business, organization, school or home to breathe life into their walls. Whether you prefer more traditional art forms like paintings or sculptures, or the modern trend of a graffiti mural, make sure to select pieces that reflect your personal tastes and values.

1. Your office is filled with the most atrocious “art” that you can find in a thrift shop or at a garage sale. The art has no value, it’s just ugly and in your face.

2. You have a staff member who has been with you for years, who’s not very bright, but they are the hardest worker on your team. They are also the one who is always assigned to cover the phones when you go out of town because they are good at multi-tasking. They have been with you so long, they have been promoted many times and yet no one in your office can remember their actual job title or what they do for you anymore or if they ever did anything at all.*

3. You have a staff member who is also very much liked by everyone in your office. She is not very bright either, but she tries very hard and everyone in the office feels sympathetic towards her because of her obvious health issues which may or may not be true.*

4. You start every day with an inspirational quote from one of your favorite movies such as Good Will Hunting, The Princess Bride and other movies that only children would enjoy watching again and again.*

5. Your business card has nothing but a picture of an owl

1. You have a shelf devoted to books that no one has read in years.

2. The printer is always on.

3. There’s a box of rubber bands in the filing cabinet for no reason.

4. Everyone has a desk calendar with pictures of kittens on it.

5. You have a pencil cup with nothing but

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