10 months after Alien, HR Giger still rolling

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HR Giger, the Swiss artist who designed the iconic creature in Alien, has died at age 74. I did not know him personally. Here is a blog post from someone that did.

The post is not just about HR Giger’s art. It’s about his life, which was longer and more fascinating than you might expect. The post is worth reading for that alone. But there is also a lot of insight into how a creative mind works, and especially how it sometimes doesn’t work – or, rather, how it sometimes fails spectacularly and then succeeds brilliantly anyway.

I have written before that great art comes from having both talent and hard work (and often luck). In this case, the hard work involved going broke twice, losing his hearing and suffering from alcoholism – but still creating works of genius even through these tribulations.

HR Giger’s career shows the value of persistence for an artist trying to make their own path. He had to bust his way into the film industry by creating his own opportunities (he got his first big break doing some poster art for a movie after he stood outside the theater every day for three weeks until someone let him in). And as a huge commercial success later in life, he never lost his willingness to take risks or

This May the Swiss painter and designer HR Giger, known for his designs in sci-fi movies such as Alien, passed away. The alien monster in that movie was designed by him.

After the release of that movie, he has been a well known figure in the sci-fi world. He was born on February 5th, 1940, in Chur, Switzerland. He started working at an early age with a local architect, learning how to work with stone and wood. After he graduated from high school he went to School Of Arts And Crafts (Kunstgewerbeschule) located in Zurich and then studied interior architecture at the Zurich University Of Applied Sciences.

He has been working on the movie sets since 1969 when he created his first construction for The Last House On The Left. He has also worked on other movies like Poltergeist II: The Other Side which was probably his favorite out of all the movies he has worked on. He also did work for Aliens but his work was rejected by James Cameron who didn’t like it and so Giger never got recognition for it even though it was used as inspiration for some of the elements within the movie.

The Alien monster became one of his most famous works even though it took about 10 months

HR Giger was a Swiss painter, sculptor and set designer with a talent for creating alien, nightmarish landscapes, who died on 12 May 2014. He is best known for his design work on the film Alien. For this, he won an Academy Award for Visual Effects, along with Carlo Rambaldi.

Tobias Richter is a Zurich-based artist who has translated that vision into sculpture, art and design. HR Giger’s visionary art will continue to live on through exhibitions and limited editions of his iconic pieces.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of HR Giger. He died in the late evening on Monday, May 12th, at the age of 74.

HR Giger’s work will live on as always and his legacy is in safe hands.

HR Giger was a visionary artist who always created things never before seen. HR Giger has been a great inspiration for all artists of our time and will always remain so. We would like to express our deepest sympathy to HR Giger’s family, we are thinking of you, may you always stay strong!

We are currently planning a small celebration for HR Giger’s birthday, on February 5th 2016.

Best regards,

Management: Galerie H.R. Giger Büro / www.hrgiger-buro.com / hrgiger@gmx.net

Dr. Giger was jokingly referred to as the “Alien” by his friends and colleagues, because he was so different from everyone else. He made all Alien fans aware that we were a special breed of people and there were others out there like me! I grew up in the late 70s, early 80s and without ever meeting him, I knew him personally and loved every minute of it.

Trying to find a way to pay tribute to my favorite artist and role model has been a real challenge since July 5th 2014. It’s been an emotional quest with many ups and downs. My goal is to share all I know about him with the world through this blog. Hopefully, other Alien fans (and even non-fans) will enjoy reading about my experience with what became part of my life when I first saw “Alien”.

I have started to re-watch the Alien films over again while writing this blog and they are just as amazing as ever! If you’ve never seen any of these films or if it’s been awhile, do yourself a favor and watch them again! Just sit back, relax and be prepared to be blown away by this man’s genius!

The main purpose of this blog is to help me cope with his loss,

In the years before his death, the artist was often in ill health, and using a wheelchair as a result of injuries sustained in a 1999 car accident. He continued to work despite this, producing most of his later paintings while seated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HR Giger´s nationality?

He was born on February 5th, 1940 in Chur, Switzerland. Is there an HR Giger Museum?

Yes, there is the HR Giger museum in Gruyères. How do I get to the HR Giger Museum in Gruyères?

The HR Giger Museum is located at Rue de l’Eglise 22 – CH-1725 Grüyères / Switzerland. The best way to get here is by car or train from Zurich airport. Alternatively you can drive by car from Lausanne as well. Where can I find photos and artworks by HR Giger?

In our archive you will find many photos and images of his artworks. Most of them are available for purchase, including some originals and the last three pieces he worked on before his death (Giger Bar, Nostromo and Sketch).

How do I contact HR Giger´s family?

You can contact HR G

The HR Giger Museum is proud to present the HR Giger Archive, which allows you to explore the work of Swiss artist HR Giger.

The HR Giger Archive contains a great deal of information about the artist, including over 200 images from his various books and art collections, as well as a full biography written by his wife Mia. The HR Giger Archive is also the official source for all information pertaining to HR Giger’s estate and museum.

You can use the links on this page or any of the links above to navigate through the HR Giger Archive website.

If you are interested in purchasing an original piece of art by HR Giger or one of his limited edition prints, please contact us using the form on our contact page. We will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you have!

Thank you for visiting the site. I hope that it will provide you with a unique insight into one of the most creative minds in modern history.”

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