What’s in your pencil art? A blog about drawing using different pens, pencils and markers.

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You are currently viewing What’s in your pencil art? A blog about drawing using different pens, pencils and markers.

-What’s in your pencil art? A blog about drawing using different pens, pencils and markers.

-Learn how to draw with in depth tutorials, read about the latest drawing methods and materials and check out my art gallery.

-I love to draw. I love sharing my drawings. I love talking about drawing. I love to share my love for drawing.

-I am a freelance illustrator and an artist who has been drawing since I was a child. My name is Clara and this is my blog.*

At one point, I found a blog called “pencil art” and was intrigued by the unusual name. What exactly is pencil art? I decided to check it out, and it turns out that this blog is about drawing using different pens, pencils and markers, not just pencils.

Tallulah has been interested in drawing for years now. When she was in kindergarten, she learned how to draw a picture of a snowman on her own by tracing an example of the drawing. She has also attended a Manga Drawing Club at school that provides children with an opportunity to practice their drawing skills through copying manga characters and other figures. The club takes place once a week for two hours and Tallulah likes going because she can meet new friends there.

She started her own blog recently to share her works of art with others. On her blog she writes about the materials she uses when she draws, such as pencils, pens, markers and other tools that can be used for coloring pictures and making drawings of various styles. She posts photos of her drawings regularly so that they are easy to follow if you are interested in learning how to draw like her.

The author of the blog also has online courses on YouTube where you can learn how to make

Pencil Art is a blog discussing techniques on drawing using different pencils, pens and markers. It also includes some tutorials on how to draw step by step. This blog is not just for artists but also for beginners and hobbyists. The tutorials include different methods on sketching, shading and colors.

Till now I have posted a total of 308 posts out of which 17 are tutorials. I hope that you find this site useful in the field of drawing.

The post I have spent most time on is- “How to Draw a Car” which took me around 2 weeks to complete (the actual time taken to finish the project was 5 days). In this tutorial I have discussed the steps used for sketching the car, then bringing it onto paper using different pencils/pens/markers and finally polishing it up with colors.”

Pencil art is a good hobby for all ages. I love art and I started doing it when I was very young. It can be fun, relaxing and creative. Most of all it makes you feel like you have accomplished something when you’re done.

In this blog I will show you some pencil art that I have done over the years along with any projects that I am currently working on or plan to start in the near future.

This blog is designed to teach you how to draw. Even if you have never picked up a pencil before in your life, you can easily learn how to sketch. The key element that determines your success as a drawer is effort.

This blog will be a place to share my art, tutorials and other ramblings. I hope that some of it might be helpful to others and we can all learn from each other.

I started drawing as a child, but never really studied it till about five years ago when I took a class in Fashion Illustration. From there everything spiraled out of control and I’ve been obsessed with drawing ever since. I’ve always enjoyed coloring in books with colored pencils, so I’m excited to share some of my drawings with you using them!

If you are looking to get into art, or just want to learn new techniques and methods, then this is the place for you. We have tons of different tips, tricks and tutorials here. We cover everything from drawing in general to sketching, painting, watercolors and more.

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