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uaa, with its roots in the early 2000s, is a coalition of artists working within urban areas. It offers a framework for communication between artists and the people who live and work in urban environments, often but not exclusively on walls. It offers an opportunity to work with a variety of people in different cities and to be a part of a growing international community.

Cardboard stencils are at the core of uaa’s activities. They are cheap materials that anyone can easily use to make art and communication that is visible to all and lasts for years. They have been used extensively around the world by groups such as Bogotá’s El Crew, Mexico City’s Cabeza Crew, Greece’s Zata Projects, Italy’s Vyal One, Sydney’s InkTec Crew, and many more.

Cardboard stencils are used for public works that confront their audience in multiple ways: we can use them to comment on aspects of our surroundings or communicate directly with people through information pieces or exchanges. They encourage us to rethink our relationship with the city environment we live in and express ourselves freely, as well as collaborate with others.”

The Urban Art Association (UAA) is the largest and most respected non-profit organization in the Los Angeles area that represents and supports Urban Artists. Since its inception in 1989, UAA has provided thousands of artists a safe outlet to display their work, and has brought artistic expression to hundreds of communities throughout Southern California. UAA’s services include: educational workshops, youth programs, community murals, graffiti removal training & consulting, art exhibits, gallery shows and more!

We are committed to furthering urban art as an important aspect of contemporary art by supporting emerging and established artists through our organization and by raising environmental awareness through public art projects.

A major focus of our organization is youth development and community building through creative activities. We believe that creative expression is a vital part of a child’s healthy psychological development, which can lead to higher achievement levels in school. Through these efforts we aim to promote self-esteem, motivation, and creativity while reducing blight in our neighborhoods.

Since its founding in 1989 UAA has helped thousands of young people be successful participants on a team and gain leadership skills while positively contributing to their communities. UAA offers a variety of programs including: murals, workshops/trainings, after school programs/services, youth colloquiums & tours

The Urban Art Association (UAA) is an organization designed to promote the expression of contemporary urban art through programming, education and exhibition. UAA’s innovative programming will provide opportunities for artists and audiences to engage in dialogue about the role of these arts in society and their impact on communities. The mission is to enhance public awareness and appreciation of contemporary urban art by providing a source for different points of view, critical dialogue, and increased exposure through events, exhibitions, publications, educational programs and media outlets.

Title: The Art of Craft

Urban Art Association reaches out to thousands of New York City’s children and teens every year with a wide range of arts programs. We provide a safe haven where young people can discover their voices, nurture their creativity, and gain the skills they need to become leaders.

We offer free, high-quality after-school programs that encourage creative expression, exploration of new media, and respect for diverse cultures.

Our innovative approach combines hands-on art instruction with academic support, mentoring, vocational training, college guidance and career development services.

We also put art in unexpected places throughout NYC. Through our public art initiatives, UAA uses art to engage communities and build bridges between neighborhoods. By working with volunteers from different backgrounds and using nontraditional materials such as graffiti, we challenge preconceptions and transform public spaces into shared spaces for everyone to use and enjoy.

And we collaborate with the city’s largest cultural institutions to provide unforgettable experiences for kids and teens who might not otherwise get a chance to visit the museums. Our program partnerships give students an insider’s view of these exciting institutions while forging important connections between students and professionals in the arts world.

Urban Art Association is an urban arts charity that uses art to inspire young people and build a better community. We work with local young people to engage them creatively through art workshops, youth clubs, and a dedicated space where they can learn new skills, create art, and share it with the community.

We provide opportunities for personal development through participation in creative projects. We believe that everyone has a creative side waiting to be discovered and fostered. Our aim is to unlock this potential by providing a safe space, as well as opportunities for learning new skills and developing confidence.

Claire Watts

Artistic Director

Urban Art Association

Wyford Road

Burgess Hill West Sussex RH15 9JG

Tel: 01444 437397

The Urban Art Association is a professional association whose purpose is to bring the public and artists together. The focus of our work is on public art and civic engagement, but the scope of our activities is much wider and includes education, urban planning, social justice, community development, and more. Our organization has evolved over time to include a wide collection of projects, initiatives and collaborations. In 2005 we were active in the rebuilding efforts along the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, creating murals designed to stimulate economic recovery, promote tourism, and encourage civic pride.

We also engage in a number of educational programs that promote creative expression as an integral part of public life. As a result of these programs we have had a hand in empowering hundreds of young people who otherwise would not have had access to this experience. We provide youth with opportunities for mentorship from local artists as well as exposure to national and international artists who are invited to create murals in Pittsburgh throughout the year. The Urban Art Association believes that art has an important role to play in our communities – it can inspire us to be better neighbors and citizens, it can help us make sense of our environment and surroundings, it can motivate us to take pride in where we live; all things that are essential for a healthy society

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