The Idea of the Ikea Art Event 2021

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The Ikea Art Event is an art event that will be sponsored by IKEA in 2021. The idea of the Ikea Art Event came about when a group of artists met after the 2014 Ikea Art Event. They came together to discuss what the future would be like. They were so excited that they created a blog to document the event.

In 2021, there will be a group of artists that will meet in Malmo, Sweden, to discuss what the future will be like. There will be many events where they can share their ideas and thoughts with each other.

The writer of this blog will attend many of these events and share his thoughts and ideas on this blog. He hopes you enjoy reading his posts as much as he enjoyed writing them!

The idea of the Ikea Art Event 2021 is to invite an artist to design and build an art installation in the IKEA cafeteria in Burbank, CA. The public will be invited to attend the opening reception.

The event will kick off with a press conference between IKEA and the artist, explaining the terms of the collaboration, followed by a media tour of the cafeteria.

The opening reception itself is open to all, to be documented by ikea’s own film crew.

The event will take place on November 13th, 2021.

I hereby claim a copyright on this idea for myself and for anyone who wishes to collaborate with me on developing it further.

In 2021 IKEA will sponsor an art event. It will be known as the IKEA Art Event 2021, or the Ikea Art Event, or the Ikea Event, or simply the Event. The Event will take place in a space that we now call the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, but by 2021 will be known as the IKEA Museum of Contemporary Art. IKEA is a Swedish company which sells flat-pack furniture. In 2021, it will be selling flat-pack art too.

Tens of thousands of artists from all over the world will apply to take part in the event, and as many as twenty thousand may be accepted. The number twenty thousand has been chosen because it is IKEA’s favorite number. A computer program that IKEA has developed to select artists for their stores will also select artists for their art event. The computer will have a database with information on every artist who has ever applied to show at any IKEA store in history, including all those who were rejected.

IKEA intends its event to be a kind of retrospective of twentieth-century and twenty-first-century art, seen through an atmosphere created by twentieth-century and twenty-first-century design. Artists whose work was

There will be an art event. It will be a celebration of IKEA and the many ways in which it enriches our lives.

It will be a three-month long art event, lasting from May to August 2021, in which approximately 100 artists of all kinds will make art about IKEA and its products. The art will take one of two forms: either it will be created by IKEA itself, in collaboration with the artists whose work is being showcased that month; or it will be created by an artist who has been invited to make work about IKEA. (The name of this blog is my attempt to get one of those invitations.)

IKEA has pledged to sponsor a substantial fraction of the costs associated with the event, and therefore to outlay no more than $100 million USD.

In 2021, IKEA will sponsor an art event, the centerpiece of which will be a series of specially designed and decorated IKEA store locations in different cities around the world. These “art stores” will feature works by artists who have adopted the IKEA brand as their subject matter.

The art works will be for sale, although not all of them. Some will only be viewable at specific locations; some will only be viewable on a website specially created for the event.

I am writing this blog to get people thinking about what kind of art they might create for such an event. The fact that these installations will take place in actual IKEA stores means that artists should consider how best to use the various store fixtures and displays for their purposes. The more creative and innovative you can be with these resources, the better.

Experimental—that’s a good word to keep in mind. As far as we know at this point, there are no “rules” for this competition, but one thing you shouldn’t try to do is make a piece that is indistinguishable from something available in an actual IKEA store. That would defeat the purpose—which is not simply to imitate reality, but to extend it in new directions.

The organizers

The Ikea Art Event was first announced in the spring of 2014. The project team involved twenty-two artists, art critics and curators, a PR firm, and IKEA Press Shop. The project came to a close in the fall of 2016 with the publication of a book and a series of lectures at Brown University.

Subscribers to IKEA Art Update received regular updates on the progress of the project. Five exhibitions were mounted. An artist residency program was developed in collaboration with IKEA North America’s corporate headquarters in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, and four artists were selected for one year residencies at IKEA facilities across North America. A symposium was held on October 13, 2015 at New York University titled “The Humble Art Event: Is it Time for Artists to Abandon Self-Promotion?”

In 2015 IKEA became the world’s most valuable brand, valued at $42 billion, surpassing Apple and Google.*

IKEA is a Swedish company founded in 1943 by 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad as a mail order business selling pens and pencils door to door. Today, IKEA operates 337 stores in 29 countries around the world. All stores are large warehouse-like buildings filled with

IKEA, the Swedish furniture company, has announced that it will sponsor and host a major international art event. The event is scheduled for 2021, the 300th anniversary of IKEA’s founding.

IKEA has not yet given details about the event, but some speculation about the possibilities is already under way.

One option would be to use one of the buildings that IKEA uses for its displays. For example, if the event were held in a building called “The Living Room,” it could be designed as a lounge area to show off IKEA’s new line of couches and chairs.

Another possibility is to use a former IKEA store to show how it has been repurposed. For example, one could redesign an entire IKEA store into a museum or apartment building or other structure.

IKEA says that in addition to being a display space and an exhibition venue, the space will also host events, lectures, and workshops related to art and design. Artists will be invited to spend extended periods of time in the space and experiment with it as they would with a studio or laboratory. This aspect of the project will be overseen by an artist who hasn’t yet been named.*

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