Silks are created by combining 2 types of thread together

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Silk is the most luxurious fabric known to man. It’s also naturally soft and comfortable to wear. But what makes silk even more amazing is that it’s created by combining 2 completely different types of threads. The first is thick and strong. The second is thin and fragile. This combination of otherwise incompatible threads, woven by hand into a stunning piece of art, is what makes silk silkier than anything else in the world.

Tailor-made for the modern, fast paced life-style, these pure silk shirts are crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail by our master tailors who have been working in this field for over a decade. Made from 100% pure Mulberry silk and designed in London, each shirt features classic details with a contemporary twist including a stylish cut that complements all body shapes, high quality mother of pearl buttons and elegant collar styles (our personal favourite is the Modern spread collar). Also available are matching accessories including ties, bow ties, cufflinks and even pocket squares to ensure you look your best at all times.”

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The softness of silk and its beauty are what has made it a desirable item for thousands of years, but the resulting silk art is something not even the experts have been able to explain. We do know that silk is made from two different threads: one thick, one thin. The thick thread, when spun into a fine thread, creates a strong and durable silk thread. The thin thread, when spun together with the thicker thread, creates a beautiful sheen that enhances any design.

Tying the two threads together results in a new kind of silk that is both soft and strong… or even more amazingly beautiful and soft – yet still strong!

As soon as you hold this piece of silk in your hands, you can feel the difference and instantly recognize it’s something special. The best way to understand how this works is to try it for yourself!

If you think about it, the thread which is thin and very strong is just as important in creating a silk that’s better than any other silk. It makes sense, doesn’t it? The finer thread is what gives the fabric a kind of softness that we have never felt before.

Treat yourself to something special with our new line of silks for 2013!

Silky soft, delicate, and ethereal. A ‘must have’ for your closet.

What if you could create something that was richer and softer than silk? Something that reflected your inner beauty and sophistication. Something so silky smooth that it was almost like touching a cloud?

Now you can! Introducing, from Korea, the newest blend of natural technology and human creativity: “Silk Art”.

And it’s not just beautiful to look at. Silk art is blue-ribbon quality in touch and texture.

Silk Art is ethereal silk of a higher level. It’s skin friendly fabric that’s as flexible as it is comfortable to wear. It’s a sensuous material that holds your body heat longer and keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It’s a top quality fashion accessory that adds a touch of extravagance to any outfit. And it’s fun to wear… truly fun!

Imagine how fabulous and elegant you will feel when you take advantage of this exciting new fashion breakthrough. No more worries about whether the fit or the style will be right, because Silk Art fits all shapes, styles, and sizes. You’re sure to turn heads with this lovely new addition to your wardrobe… and get rave reviews from every important person

If our fingers are the only ones to ever caress these fabrics, then we’ve failed in our mission. It’s important that you buy with your heart and not just your head. We don’t want you to rush out and buy a suit for the wedding of a friend or family member but if you do we won’t stop you. We just want you to realize that if you did, the experience would be incomplete.

Treat yourself this Christmas, or save up and buy a surprise gift for someone special. The recipient will be surprised and delighted by the beauty of the fabric and when they finally discover it’s silk too, they’ll be blown away by your taste and generosity. They’ll wonder how on earth could you have known what they’d been dreaming about all this time?

In reality it was incredibly easy…

It is said that the ancient Chinese art of silk making dates back to 5,000 years ago. And though the technology has evolved over the years, the process has remained largely the same.

The secret of silk fabric lies in its two parts: 1) a thin and lustrous thread and 2) a thicker but softer one. And it’s no wonder that these two threads are so different from each other. The thinner one is produced by silk worms as they spin their cocoons; the second thread is made from a combination of fibres of cotton and mulberry tree bark.

It takes about 20,000 cocoons to make just 3 kg of raw silk and it takes about 100 cocoons for one 1.5 m length of fine silk thread. Silk worms consume about 4,000 leaves during their development period inside the cocoon, resulting in 3-4 kg of excreta (or “pearls”) per day, which can be collected daily to produce nearly 800 kg raw mulberry/cocoon silk per year.

Treated properly, this natural fibre becomes a smooth fabric with an incomparable lustre and sheen. It is not easily stained and will maintain its colour even after being washed many times; it also drapes beautifully

Silk is a natural material made from proteins secreted by silkworms. Some people might be surprised to hear that silk was originally invented in China. But it’s true. The Chinese were the first people to know how to make silk. They kept this precious secret for hundreds of years, until one day a Chinese princess married a nomad leader from the West and took the secret of silk production with her to her new home. She shared this valuable knowledge with her husband and his people and they began to make silk as well.

Words like “tyranny” and “conquest” may come to mind when we think of the nomads, but the truth is that they were already an established empire when they took over the Silk Road, which was an ancient trade route connecting China with Europe through Central Asia. This made them rich because they were able to sell their goods – horses and other exotic animals – to the Chinese who lived there. It is said that when Alexander the Great came upon these horse traders he exclaimed: “I am not a conqueror! I am just a student of this country’s merchants.”

Today, thanks to their legacy, we are able to admire pieces like this magnificent robe featuring beautiful embroidery on purple silk fabric.

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