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Art Center has been in existence since 1965. It is a private, non-profit school that emphasizes the arts and humanities. The school offers classes to children of all ages, and there are summer programs available for children, who have been accepted by lottery.

The school is a unique concept in arts education, with classes offered for young children in the dance, drama, music theory and art departments; middle school students can take classes from all departments except dance; high school students can choose from any of the classes offered.

Art Center has a mission statement to provide each student with an opportunity to develop his/her creative potential through the study and practice of visual and performing arts. To accomplish this they strive to meet the needs of each individual student.

They have an open admissions policy which allows students to register on a first-come, first-served basis. To be accepted into Art Center’s program, prospective students must be between 6 and 21 years old as of September 1 prior to their enrollment in Art Center’s program. They must complete an application, which includes parental permission for medical records release and a written essay on why Art Center is important in the applicant’s life at this time.

Art Center has strict rules against bullying or harassment from staff or other students.

Art Center School is located in Pasadena, California, and is a private school with the mission to “prepare students for professional careers in visual arts, animation, art education, art history, and related fields.” The school’s goals is to “produce confident and self-directed learners who are capable of succeeding in a global environment.”

The school has a pre-K through 12th grade level program that offers a variety of programs for students. The school also partners with other schools in the area so that students can have the opportunity to study at Art Center School while continuing their education at another high school.

The staff at Art Center School include:

Becky Sirkin – Principal

Joanne Rockwell – Vice Principal

If you want your child to learn an instrument, they’ve got to practice! And that is a lot of work. It’s hard to imagine that many kids would stick with it if they didn’t enjoy the music they were playing. But when learning art in school, there isn’t always time for a kid to spend 3 hours on a project. Especially when the teacher has 30 or 40 other students and needs to get through the work in a timely manner.

This was one of my concerns when my daughter started teaching herself art by watching youtube videos and looking at magazines. She didn’t have any structure or follow through. She would get bored or frustrated and stop. I knew she could do better if she had some guidance and perhaps more structure. That’s why we decided to enroll her in Art Center for Kids in Southern California.

From the website: “Art Center for Kids provides quality programs for children between 4 and 18 years old, encouraging self-expression through a variety of media and styles.” They offer classes throughout Orange County (Irvine, Tustin, Costa Mesa) as well as Summer Camps.

They offer a wide variety of classes including but not limited to drawing, painting, pottery, jewelry design, digital art and photography. My daughter took

Art Center School is a private school of visual arts and design in Pasadena, California. It offers programs for children and adults at the Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, High School and Continuing Education levels. The school teaches art classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and digital media.

The school was founded by artist/educator Arthur Wesley Dow in 1882 as an art studio offering classes to children. It began as a small drawing school in a single room of the old Hotel Green. In 1925 it moved to its current location on South Oak Knoll Avenue in Pasadena.

In the following decades Art Center grew both in reputation and size. In 1939 the college acquired the adjacent lot and constructed its first building. By 1949 the student population had grown to over 1,000 students with an additional 320 students enrolled in adult programs. A new campus was built at 1400 North Grand Avenue in nearby Los Angeles which opened for classes in 1951.

Art Center’s high school division split from the college division in 1971 to form the Art Center College of Design which is now located on West 2nd Street in Downtown Los Angeles.

In 1985 Art Center returned to a single campus when it moved into its current home at 553 East Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena but retains close ties

The education of children is a very serious business. We have a great deal invested in them, emotionally and financially, and we want them to turn out well. There are many different approaches to the education of children. In fact there are so many that it would be impossible to discuss them all here. But undoubtedly the most important factor in the education of a child is his teacher. The quality of the teacher has more effect on the quality of the child than anything else.

The Art Center School has been in existence since 1977 and has been providing excellent instruction to young children for over 25 years. It is dedicated to providing an atmosphere in which students can learn without pressure or stress, but with enthusiasm and fun. Our goal is to foster an interest in art and appreciation of fine art by each student through creative activities appropriate for their developmental levels while encouraging self-expression in a supportive environment with caring, competent teachers. Our curriculum includes structured art projects which are created from a variety of materials and processes including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography and mixed media.

The Art Center is a great school. For the last couple of months we have been having fun and learning new things. Today we got to paint some apples, and they look so real! The teachers are very nice and the other kids are awesome. I like going there. We also learned how to draw today, it was a lot of fun. The teachers are really nice and give you a lot of attention when you need it.

Beyond the beautiful campus and the wonderful staff, one of my favorite things about the art center has been getting to meet new kids and make friends with them. When you’re in a bigger school everyone is so much more spread out, but here I’ve gotten to know a lot of people and have made some really good friends!

One of my favorite classes at the Art Center is drawing. My teacher’s name is Miss Stolz. She’s really funny and she makes class really interesting. One day she let us draw on our feet so that we could practice shading, which was really interesting! I’ve never drawn on myself before, but now I want to do it again because it looks cool!

I love coming to the Art Center every day because they teach me how to be an artist in a very inspirational way that makes me

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