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A blog about the artist himself along with his education and where he got his inspiration from. Grayson Perry is a British based artist. He was born in Chelmsford, Essex on 27 September 1961. He is a transvestite who has made art using ceramics, drawing, embroidery and sculpture. Perry’s pottery uses themes of childhood memories incorporating popular culture references, often depicting young girls in nostalgic playscapes or fairy tale settings. During the late 1990s he created a number of controversial ceramic pieces featuring the British Royal Family, including Queen Elizabeth II and the late Diana, Princess of Wales. His work is inspired by his own childhood. He won the Turner Prize in 2003 and was appointed as the official British war artist to Iraq in 2003 by Tessa Jowell.

Grayson Perry is an artist and one of the few transgendered artists in the world. His work, spanning from ceramics to film to painting, has garnered a lot of interest over the past decade or so. An art club was started in his honor at Tottenham School, which he attended as a teenager. The blog is made up of his biography and information on how he got into the art world, with a few bits of info on his family and education, where he gets his inspiration from, etc.

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Around this time, Perry started to explore the art of ceramics and carving. He spent a long period of time when he was living in a village in Italy studying the art of making ceramics and soon got into making his own ceramics. He became more interested in the craft than art and learned how to make his own ceramic sculptures which he sold for a very small price to people in the neighborhood. As well as this he also made sculptures out of wood, plaster and whatever else he could find. He also took an interest in carving which helped him create sculptures out of wood and sometimes plaster. Grayson perry is described by many different kinds of art but his favorite is sculpture because it helps him express whatever he wants to say.

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The Grayson Perry Art Club is a blog dedicated to the life and works of artist Grayson Perry, who was born in 1958 in South London. The blog is run by the artist himself and his team, who provide a variety of information about Perry’s work, including the inspiration behind it and news on exhibitions. The blog also includes a section where followers can get in contact with Perry and his team.

The blog was created in October 2010 under the name “Grayson Perry’s Art Blog” as an opportunity for fans to get behind-the-scenes information on the artwork that has made up much of Perry’s career. In addition to posting details about major works, such as displays of his recent ceramics collection, “All Man,” the blog covers events like his appearance on the television show “Question Time” and provides updates about books he is working on.

Perry uses the blog to connect with his followers, who leave comments on most of the posts. These comments are often addressed directly by Perry or one of his staff members. His followers are a diverse group from all over the world that includes both art scholars and casual fans.

Grayson Perry’s Art Club is a series of three programmes following the art critic and artist Grayson Perry as he gets back in touch with his artistic roots by setting up an art club at Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art which he attended as a teenager. Grayson was inspired to set up the club by Ben Rivers’ film, The Anthropologist.

Perry’s own route into becoming an artist was unconventional. He attended Ruskin on a scholarship, but his art teacher never gave him the grades he needed to stay on. Instead he went on to become an art critic and a successful artist in his own right.

The programme follows Grayson returning to the school to meet the students, talking about their work and giving them advice, helping them understand what it is like to be an artist today. He also meets some of the teachers with whom he trained who, for some reason or another, were not impressed by his work at that time; both Lucy Skaer (drawing) and Robert MacBryde (sculpture).

Grayson uses art as therapy for recovering from a recent loss and we see how he tries to get back in touch with his roots through this therapeutic process.

The first programme is about how Grayson copes with teaching another generation and trying

I’m really pleased to say that I’ve been invited to join the The Art Club at the new Wellcome Collection on Euston Road. I’m going to be running the club, and will be spending time there with kids of all ages, doing art and discussing art.

The club is part of a wider project called “Museum in a Day”. We’re inviting people to take part in a day’s activities at the museum, which will be about art and science, as well as exploring scientific ideas through artworks. If you’re interested, please do get in touch with me by emailing or my manager by emailing

I like working with kids because they have a freshness and innocence that adults have lost somehow. This exhibition is a way for me to reach out to them and hopefully inspire them in their own lives too.

Hopefully it’ll also be fun for me!

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