I Will Buy Commercial Art

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With the help of my team, I have developed a new website that will pay you top dollar for your work. The name of this site is I Will Buy Commercial Art. We are currently in Beta testing, which means we are still working out the bugs.

Who Can Sell?

Every artist can sell their art on our site! Whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone who has taken some great shots on their phone, we will be happy to buy your work!

What Kind Of Pictures Do You Buy?

We love pictures! We are looking to purchase all types of photos, including portraits, landscapes, nature scenes, abstracts, and more!

What Do You Pay For Pictures?

All payments are agreed upon before purchasing a picture. Upon agreement of both parties, we will make payment via PayPal within 48 hours after receiving the picture.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at:I Will Buy Commercial Art

As a photographer, there are a lot of ways to sell your work. You can send it to magazines and photo agencies, you can hang a gallery show, you can build an online portfolio, or you can distribute it through multiple websites.

What if you could sell your work once (to I Will Buy Commercial Art) and get paid top dollar for each image?

The website offers its users two options:

1) Upload your images. Your images will be seen by buyers looking for professional photography. The buyer will purchase your image with a monthly subscription fee. (you keep 100% of the profit from the subscription fee).

2) Create a profile page. You will be asked to fill out a profile page where buyers will be able to search for photographers in their area. (you keep 100% of the profit generated by the buyer).

I Will Buy Commercial Art is one of the first online stores that has successfully merged print media with digital media while paying photographers top dollar for their work. They offer both traditional advertising as well as new cutting edge marketing tools available only on the Internet.

There is no cost to join I Will Buy Commercial Art and they pay a 30% commission!


I Will Buy Commercial Art is a marketplace for commercial art. You can now sell your commercial art work online and earn top dollar for your best work. Selling your art on our site is free, there are no listing or transaction fees.

I Will Buy Commercial Art is a place for photographers, illustrators, and graphic designers to showcase their commercial art and sell to the world’s most discerning collectors.

i-will-buy-commerical-art is a website that buys pictures from artists interested in getting their art out to the world. It’s a way for artists to get paid decently for their work and make money off of it, an alternative to dealing with the gallery system or trying to sell your work on ebay. The site is run by the artist Cate M. Simpson, who has been selling her work online for seven years, and has been working on i-will-buy-commerical-art for three.

You can upload your own artwork or sell images that you already have the rights to, such as those from stock photo sites. You’ll receive 70% of your sale price if you’re a member of the site and 50% if you’re not. Each image is sold once and only once, so even if it is sold multiple times, you’ll still get paid once (the buyer will have to pay full price each time).

Biography: Cate M. Simpson is an artist based in Brooklyn who creates paintings, photos and sculptures using a variety of media including acrylic, oil stick, watercolor, graphite, collage and digital photography. Her work deals with themes of identity and interpersonal relationships often using portraits

I am looking for a new source of income. There are not many opportunities out there but you can always find something viable to create some cash.

One of the things that I really enjoy is taking photos and just playing with the camera. I have been doing it for many years now and I think that I can call myself an amateur photographer. I love to take pictures at night, when everything is illuminated by the moon or sunset pictures. I always wanted to sell my pictures so that I could get some extra money out of my hobby.

Thing is that it never worked as I wanted. In order to sell your photos on stock photo agencies you need to have a very high quality product that will be accepted and also you will have to wait for a long time until you get your first payment.

I have tried all of the big agencies, like Depositphotos, Bigstockphoto, ShutterStock etc. and nothing really worked out for me as each one has separate rules for acceptance and also a different payout structure.

I even bought a professional camera in order to produce better results but still nothing happened.

A couple of months ago, while surfing on the internet I stumbled upon a website called Fotolia and decided to give it a shot due to its no

It’s not just the wealthy who buy art. If you’re an artist, there are hundreds of ways to sell your work. The trick is to learn how to sell it well.

There are two main kinds of commercial art: one-off commissions and reproductions. Reproductions include posters, calendars, cards and other things that can be mass-produced cheaply, and sold for more than the materials cost, though usually not much more. One-off commissions usually involve a lot more work, because they’re often made to order rather than to stock. But they can also sell for a lot more money, especially if the buyer is a collector looking for a valuable piece to add to his or her collection.

The most important thing about commercial art is its value is almost entirely subjective. It’s what someone will pay you for it, rather than what it costs you to make or buy it. And while there are some general rules that apply to all kinds of art, when it comes down to specifics, only the buyer and seller can decide whether a deal is fair or not. When you’re selling commercial art, don’t assume anything about what the buyer will pay–you may be surprised.

Selling reproductions online is easy–you just upload them and wait

In the art world artistic talent is highly valued and widely praised. But in the business world of commerce the talent for making commercial art gets no respect.

Some artists are lucky and make a lot of money from commercial art. The more talented ones are even luckier. The lucky ones attract attention from people with money to spend on art, or they get noticed as having a knack for commercial art in a way that appeals to others who have money to spend on art. Other artists are far less lucky and have to work at other things to pay their bills and feed their kids.

Trying to make a living through your art is one of the riskiest career moves you can make, but if you are good enough there is a payoff: an artist who makes a big reputation selling his work can sell copies of that work for a lot of money, while an artist who makes his living by selling copies of his work will never be able to sell it for much more than his cost.

The key point here is that it doesn’t matter how much you think your own artwork is worth, or how many awards it has won, or how famous you are as an artist. What matters is how much other people think your work is worth, and nothing influences that except your ability

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