How To Make Your Own Stencil Art

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Stencil art is a fun, easy and unique form of art that anyone can do. The internet is filled with stencil art designs, but you can also design your own. Here are some helpful steps to making your own stencil art.

Making stencil art is a great way to add some originality to your walls. Instead of buying expensive canvases for your notable paintings, you can make your own and save yourself money. Moreover, stencil art is not limited to just painting on walls. You could even use the same process in order to create stickers or even apparel.

This article will provide you with instructions on how to make stencil art, along with an overview of the materials you will need for this fun hobby. So if you are ready to learn more about making stencil art, keep reading on!

Stencil art is a unique kind of art that you can make yourself. In this article, you will learn how to do it.

Materials needed:

1) A cut-out of your chosen image from a magazine, newspaper or book.

2) A piece of cardboard or thick posterboard

3) An X-Acto knife (or any sharp craft knife)

4) Artist tape like “Masking Tape” available at art supply stores

5) A can of spray mount (available at office supply stores) for mounting your stencil on the wall.

This article will teach you how to make a stencil art piece, showing you the right materials and following the steps of the process so that you can make a work of art of your own.

Stencil art is a type of graffiti that has been around for as long as there has been graffiti. It is a simple type of graffiti that has an image or words cut out of a piece of cardboard or plastic and then put on a surface. The background is then spray painted over the stencil and the image appears on the surface.

The stencil is a picture or design which is cut out of a piece of paper or card, and then set upon an area to be painted. The artist will then spray paint through the holes in the stencil onto the surface below.

The great thing about stencil art is that you can use it to create unique and interesting designs on just about any surface you can think of. From posters, signs and cars to clothes, furniture, lamp shades, pretty much anything you can imagine.

T-shirts are probably the most popular items that people choose to stencil on. They are easy to make and they look great when finished. Furthermore, T-shirts are a medium that is easily customisable as well as being fairly easy to find stores willing to sell your T-shirt designs.

Stencil art is the art of placing a stencil on a surface and spraying paint through the openings in the stencil to produce a picture. Stencils can be purchased, or they can be made by hand. Painting is one of the oldest forms of art originating back to prehistoric times. The first recorded painting was on a cave wall created with red ochre mixed with animal fat and water. Since then, painting has continued as a favorite of both amateur and professional artists because it allows an artist to create something original in a fast and easy way.

To make stencil art, you need a flat work surface that can be moved around easily in order to place the stencil where desired, pieces of cardboard cut into the shape and size of your stencil, spray paint and an optional drop cloth.

**For this project, we will make a heart stencil because Valentine’s Day is almost here!**

Materials: Cardboard (I used two different sizes for this project), Spray Paint (various colors), Drop Cloth (optional).


1) First you will create your stencil by following these steps: **a) Cut large heart shapes out of your cardboard. You will need to trace these from your actual heart

Altering a pre-existing work of art is a little like the parable of the man who sold himself into slavery and then bought himself back. The artist who alters someone else’s work is like the slave, and the original artist is like his owner.

The artist who starts with a blank canvas and makes something entirely new out of it is more like the self-purchasing man. If you’re going to make something yourself, you’d better make sure you’ll be happy with what you get by choosing your own medium, or deciding ahead of time on a specific design which you have no intention of altering, or developing your own artistic style which will be distinct from all others. The most satisfying art is often made this way.

The art that lets us see the world in a new way can be great, too — but I think it’s usually less thrilling than art that reveals to us some aspect of ourselves we hadn’t noticed before.

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