How To Make A Self Portrait With Watercolor Pencils

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How to draw a self-portrait (or any other portrait) with watercolor pencils?

If you have no experience with watercolor pencils, you may find it hard to believe that you can paint a portrait with them. However, after you’ve tried it, you will see that it is really easy and fun!

But let’s start from the beginning. What is watercolor pencil?

It is a special pencil whose coloring material is water soluble. That means that when you apply water or any other water based medium (for example, gouache or ink) on your drawing, colors blend together. You can also blend colors with your finger or a wet brush. This technique allows for a great deal of flexibility in the creation of artworks. And the best thing about this medium is that it allows you to achieve very realistic results!

Characteristics of watercolor pencils are:

– creamy consistency;

– intense colors;

– they contain both pigments and wax;

– they have high lightfastness;

– they can be dissolved completely in water if required;

– they can be used directly from the leads (pens), without preliminary grinding;

– they are ideal for creating juicy and bright paintings.

Here you will find a video tutorial on how to draw a portrait with pencils. But before, you have to know that when I say “pencils” I mean watercolor pencils, not the usual graphite pencils.

Tutorial Steps: First of all it’s important to select the right photo. This can be your own, but it’s better if it’s not, because then you won’t feel too bad if you mess up.

Anyone can paint a portrait of themselves with watercolors. It’s not as easy as it looks and requires the right supplies and a lot of practice. But the final results are worth it!

Draw three circles on a piece of paper, one big one in the middle, two smaller ones on either side. The big one is your head and the little ones are your shoulders. Then draw your eyes and a nose inside the big circle, adding thin lines to make them look more realistic; remember to make your nose pointy at the top then round out at the bottom. Draw your lips and chin above that. Then add some hair by making vertical lines from the top of your forehead to your ears and curving them outwards. Now you have an idea of what you’re going to paint; now for some tips on how to do it!

Move over the rest of your body with vertical lines, starting from where the neck meets the head and continue down to where it meets the shoulders. Then fill in everything below those lines with solid color or patterns to create clothing and a background. Add any other details like buttons or pockets, then outline everything in black or brown so it stands out from your pencil drawing.

Make sure you really understand how to do shading before

The first step to painting your own drawing is to sketch the outline of your drawing. Next, paint the background with a light blue color. Use a watercolor pencil to add shading to your drawing. You will want to make sure that the shading is not too dark in order to give your drawing depth. Add white highlights to the face, hair, and clothing. To complete your self portrait, paint your fingernails with a shiny red color.


The goal of this tutorial is to create a realistic portrait using only pencils and watercolors. This will not be a simple process, but it is possible to achieve the look you want with the right supplies and knowledge.

To begin, start off with a photo of yourself or another person. It is best to have your subject in front of you while drawing them, so you can do small adjustments as you go. Next, sketch out what you see on paper. Including the pose and facial expressions are important in a realistic portrait. The first step is to sketch out the face onto one paper, then move on to the rest of the body and background on another paper. For this tutorial I worked off of two separate pages for each hand and photo reference…

Step 1:

I always start with a simple sketch. You can use it, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Draw or trace an outline of your subject. It’s usually easier to start with a picture that is black and white, because there are more contrasts. If you have trouble drawing the picture, try using graph paper to help you design the basic shapes on your subject’s face that you will be using in your painting.

Step 2:

Next I fill in the background with a medium shade of gray. I like gray because it doesn’t distract from the subject at first. Now, when I look at my painting, it looks like a real person rather than just an outline.

Step 3:

I go over the drawing again, this time adding a little bit of “life” to the face and hair. Notice how I darkened the eyebrows and shaded in the right side of his face and hair. Don’t think about what you’re doing too much at this point; just get an overall feel for what you want to do with your portrait and then implement it in whatever way seems natural to you. You may decide that you want to go over certain areas more than once until they look right to you! The main

In this lesson, we’re going to draw a realistic portrait of my face. This is a self-portrait. And we’re just going to take it from the top down here. So I’m going to start with my hair, which is what I’m calling this kind of black area here, and then we’re going to go down and make my face, and then of course everything else.

I’m just doing this in ballpoint pen on a little piece of paper here, just so you can get an idea of how it works.

If you have questions at any time while I’m drawing, feel free to ask me, or if you want me to draw something for you just let me know as well.

Now what I want to do first off is start making my hair. My hair goes back from my forehead in this kind of cone shape here and then comes out on the side. And there’s some curls that are coming out at the bottom here.

I’ll start with my very first curve right over here like that, and then we’re going to curve that around like that, come back around for the other side of the face.

And then we’ll come back around for the other side of the face and bring it down like

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