How to choose the best art insurance plan

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Art is vulnerable to damage, theft and natural disasters. An art insurance plan is a policy designed to protect your art investment against these risks.

Art insurance can be used to insure works of art in storage, transit or hanging on the wall. There are many different types of plans available, however the primary purpose of each plan is the same: to pay you the full cost of your artwork if it is damaged, stolen or destroyed.

There are two main types of plans: floater policies and named-peril policies. Floater policies cover art for all perils other than war and invasion, while named-peril policies cover specific perils such as fire or flood.

Floater policies are best for owners who have valuable artwork that would be difficult to replace or who want their artwork insured for any risk other than war or invasion. Naming specific perils may limit your coverage because there are only certain named perils that are covered by most insurers.

When determining which plan is best for you, consider how much money you would need to replace your art and whether or not you would need to replace it with an original piece or if a reproduction would suffice. Also consider whether you would want coverage for loss from theft as well as damage from natural disasters, accidents

Are You Looking for the Best Art Insurance for Your Collection? At Art Insurance Services we help you to protect your art collection. Below are some of our most popular insurance plans:

We aim to provide the highest level of service and have a flexible approach to suit you. Whether you have one valuable piece of art or an entire collection, we offer cover at both home and abroad. Cover can be tailored to meet your needs including the value of the artwork, the locations covered and the amount of cover you require. We also insure against loss through theft, damage, destruction or acts of terrorism where that risk is included within your policy.

Some of our most popular plans include:

Fine Art Valuables Plan – Comprehensive cover for up to £100 million with no maximum limit on valuables under £1 million.

These covers are designed to protect high value items held in private collections at home or anywhere in the world when they are being transported by air, land or sea.

The plan includes cover against accidental damage and loss caused by fire, flood and other perils as well as all risks of terrorism.

Artists’ Resale Right (droit de suite) is included on all our policies.*

We will also tailor make a policy to meet your requirements

Art theft has been a problem for centuries, and it is still increasing with the development of technology. The more valuable the piece of art is, the more at risk you are for becoming a victim of art theft. Art insurance can help prevent unauthorized access to your artworks and protect them from theft or damage.

The best way to keep your art collection safe is to have proper storage in a secure place, but what happens if something happens to your stored artwork? What will you do if it’s stolen? Or if your home is broken into?

Art insurance covers all of these possibilities, as well as many other situations that could arise. Even if you’re not worried about theft, there are plenty of other things that could happen that require insurance.

For example, imagine that a guest accidentally spills red wine on one of your favorite paintings. Under most policies you can make a claim on the loss of value that occurs because of this incident.

Insurance companies recognize how rare and valuable artworks are and often provide special incentives like high deductibles that allow you to receive more coverage for less money. Art insurance covers both the cost to replace or repair your damaged or stolen painting, as well as the amount by which its value decreases due to age or damage.


Art insurance has become an essential service for collectors. Just like protecting your home or car, art insurance can help you protect your collection from the unexpected. If a disaster strikes your home, you’ll be glad you have insurance to cover the damage. If your car is stolen, or if it’s wrecked in an accident, you’ll be glad to have auto insurance coverage. An art loss due to theft or natural disaster could be devastating. Just like a homeowner or a car owner, you need to protect your valuable art collection.

Because art is a luxury, not a necessity we should buy art insurance. This is very important for those who are working in this field. Art is not only about beauty, it is about investment.

Insurance covers you against anything that could happen to your art that would cause you financial losses. It gives you peace of mind and helps you sleep better at night. There is no reason to worry about losing your investment because it is covered by insurance.

Art insurance for the collector offers two kinds of policies: Collectors’ Plan and Appraisal Plan. The difference between the two policies is based on the appraised value of the artwork under coverage. A Collector’s Plan provides coverage for a single piece of artwork, while an appraisal plan provides coverage on a group of insured items as well as one piece of artwork in each category.

Collectors’ Plan has a minimum policy limit of $5,000 (or equivalent) on a single piece of artwork, with no limit on the overall amount covered per policy year. If you would like to insure more than one work by the same artist, up to 20 additional works can be insured in the same category without increasing your premium.

Your collected pieces will have their own policy that will cover all eligible works for an annual

If you are an artist who is worried about the fate of your art collection, it may be time to consider a plan for insurance. Insurance can help protect your art in case of a fire or theft and is an easy way to make sure that your hard work will not be lost.

Although there are quite a few artists that have made it big, many are still struggling to get their name out into the art world. The struggle can be long and difficult, but many find ways to keep their passion alive with help from insurance on their art.

There is a way to guarantee your art is taken care of, even if you suffer from unfortunate circumstances like theft or damage due to natural disaster. If you are ready for a way to protect your investment, then look no farther than artwork insurance .

Artwork insurance is an easy way of protecting what you have worked so hard on from damage or loss. Artwork insurance can give you peace of mind knowing that your pieces will be protected by experts. With high quality protection for both interior and exterior pieces, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of in case of loss or damage.

Artwork insurance not only takes care of your paintings and sculptures but also your drawings or photography as well. You may even want

When art is destroyed or stolen, the artist and the art insurance company are in conflict. The artist wants to make a new work exactly like the old one, or at least as much like it as possible. The insurance company wants to pay out as little money as possible.

Artists usually have no say at all in how the insurance company evaluates their loss. It is a vastly unequal relationship: The artist has invested everything in the work, but is hardly consulted about how much of that investment should be replaced.

The most common way for the insurance company to evaluate loss is by estimating its current market value, then subtracting a percentage they call “deductible,” and then subtracting another percentage they call “coverage.” If you have no idea what your painting might sell for on the open market, then you have to ask an auction house what your deductible should be. This is where things get tricky.


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