Four Wall Decor Tips from Professional Minimalist Artists

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Four Tips for Creating Your Own Minimalist Wall Art: 1. Know the rules. 2. Know the rules. 3. Know the rules. 4. Break the rules.

The minimalist look is popular for a reason: it’s clean, uncluttered, and modern looking. But you don’t want it to look like you threw up some paint on the wall and called it art – even if that is exactly what happened. Professional minimalist artists have a few tricks they use to achieve this look without having to actually be an artist or have any artistic talent at all.


To appreciate minimalist art, it is important to have a minimalist mindset. This will allow you to appreciate the true beauty of the work and the artist’s purpose behind their creation. Here are four tips for creating minimal wall art:

1) Choose a theme. The theme of your artwork should be simple and easy to understand.

2) Use only one color. Using only one color will help your artwork become more visually appealing and allow you to create patterns in your work that can easily be noticed by others. For example, when done correctly, green can appear as dark and light shades of green depending on what angle the artwork is being viewed from.3) Go big or go home! This tip comes with a warning: make sure you have the space necessary for the piece you are creating. The space needed for minimal art is determined by how large you want your work to be and how detailed you want it to be. Keep in mind that the bigger you go, the more detail you need to add as well!4) Don’t use too many pieces. When using multiple pieces of art for a single piece of artwork, try not to use more than three pieces in combination with one another. While using multiple pieces can create an interesting effect, there is a good chance that

One of the most exciting things about having a house to decorate is choosing the right wall decor to create a perfect home. Wall art can be a simple DIY project that you can do with your own two hands. It doesn’t have to cost a lot or take days to complete. The simplest, most effective ways of creating minimalist wall art are through cutting, pasting, and drawing.

TIP 1: Cutting

Cutting is a simple way to create interesting designs on your walls. All you need is a steady hand and some free time. You can use scissors or knives – whichever works best for what you’re trying to create.

Tip 2: Pasting

Pasting is another great way to create minimalist wall art. You can paste old maps, magazine cut outs, and photographs onto your walls to make them look like they have been professionally designed. Tip 3: Drawing

Drawing is an easy way to add life to any room in your home. You can draw flowers and leaves on brown paper bags with markers or pencils and hang them up on the walls as decorations. Tip 4: Try different techniques

Experiment with different techniques when creating your minimalist wall art because there are many ways to creatively express yourself on any surface.

1. Paint your walls white or a very light color. This is the main tip that many minimalist artists use when creating their art. It gives the illusion of more space and makes the art really stand out.

2. Create simple geometric shapes to complement the overall look of your room, especially your ceiling. You can create easy shapes using stencils or even cardboard cut outs. Make sure to fill up the entire wall and don’t leave any blank spots.

3. Use lots of different kinds of art, not just one kind. It’s all about mixing it up and not putting all your eggs in one basket. You want to create flow throughout the room and keep people’s attention focused on what you want them to notice.

4. Keep it simple! When you are adding things to the walls, make sure that they are not too distracting, otherwise you will take away from all of the other minimalist pieces that you have put into place.

Wall art is a huge category of products. There are literally thousands of different items available. If you want to decorate your home with minimalist wall art, it’s likely you’ll need to do some research before making your final decision. The following tips will help you pick out the perfect item for your home.

TIP 1: Have a Theme

When selecting minimalist wall art for your home, try to keep things simple by selecting pieces that are part of a set. For example, if you decide on a specific color scheme, buy all pieces that fit the colors in order to keep the theme in tact. Of course, there is nothing wrong with mixing and matching colors and styles as long as it looks good.

TIP 2: Vary Your Piece Sizes

You don’t have to buy one large piece of art for your living room if you don’t want to. You can also experiment with combining small pieces or stick with just one piece that is very large. The key is finding pieces that work together well and fit in the space you have available.

TIP 3: Go Minimalist

When picking out minimalist wall art, go minimalist in terms of size and color too. You don’t want to overcrowd the area or make people’s eyes hurt

The first thing you need to know about minimalist art is that it’s not just one style. It’s many styles, and even these styles themselves have different styles within them. That’s the very nature of minimalist art: simplicity. It has no limits; it is limitless.

So, with that in mind, what are some tips for making your home look like you hired a minimalist artist to decorate it? I’ve put together a few suggestions. These are all based on my own experience in the field of minimalist art, and the work of some of my other colleagues and friends.


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