13 things that can help you start and make doodle art more interesting?

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You are currently viewing 13 things that can help you start and make doodle art more interesting?

Doodle art is an easy way to get creative and unleash your creativity at the same time! It’s like a doodle, but with purpose-it’s doodling with intent, if you will. With all the different styles of doodle art out there, it’s hard not to find one that suits you best (or maybe more than one!). And while doodle art should be fun for everyone who participates in it, sometimes we need some encouragement or inspiration to get started on our next big project. So here are 13 things that can help you start something new:

  1. Be inspired:
    just doodling can be a bit boring after a while, but doodle art is different! It takes doodles to the next level of awesomeness by adding more shapes, doodles within doodles, and vibrant color schemes. You may not start this way at first-you might just doodle aimlessly without any idea in mind. But do you know what helps when doodle art is your muse? Pictures of nature, doodles did by others, or even doodling on something! So pull up a picture on your phone and try to do doodles based on the photo-the outcome will be totally doodle-licious!
  2. Don’t do doodles:
    What do we mean by this, you ask? Well, doodle art is a great way to unleash your creativity and do doodles without the limitations of a pencil or pen. Feel free to do doodles within doodles or shapes within doodles. Doodle whatever you want, whenever you want! Plus doodle art is more fun when you do doodles in different shapes or styles-it adds more doodle flavor to doodle art!
  3. Use your phone:
    If the photo wasn’t enough inspiration for doodle art, why not do doodles directly on your phone? Doodle art is done doodles that you can do anywhere and everywhere-including selfies, texts, and even notes! And the best part of doodling with your phone is that it’s simple: just take a selfie or snap a pic of something nearby to put as the background. Then do doodles on top of the photo or take doodling apps (like the doodle app) with you everywhere to enhance doodling!
  4. Doodle it out:
    Did you know that doodle art can actually show how you feel? When you do doodles, think about what your feelings are and let them do doodles out on the paper. Doodle how you feel, draw do doodles of your favorite animal, or even do some abstract shapes to make your doodle art more interesting!
  5. Doodle together:
    Doodling alone is fun, but doodling with others can be even better! If you have a doodle buddy, do do do do do do doodles together! Doodle what you want until your heart content-who knows, you might discover a new doodling style of your own!
  6. Doodle with no boundaries:
    Doodle art is a great way to do doodles without having rules or limitations-doodle whatever doodles you want, do doodles. Doodle onto your clothes, furniture, walls-or even all of the above!
  7. Doodle with a purpose:
    There are so many doodle art styles out there that it can be hard to find one that suits your needs. Doodle animals when you’re feeling playful, do do do do do do doodles when you want to get creative, or even do doodle art when you’re bored! Doodle whatever you like in any style at all!
  8. Doodle in different shapes:
    Doodle art doesn’t have to be in the classic rectangle shape-doodle in triangles, do do do do do do doodles, or even in circles! Doodle in whatever shapes you want when you do doodle art-after all, no one says there are rules to doodling!
  9. Doodle outside the lines:
    If you’re not sure what kind of doodle art to draw next, do do do do do do doodles outside the lines! Doodle whatever you want and let your imagination run wild-plus doodle art that is outside the lines looks super cool and is totally do do do do do do awesome!
  10. Don’t give up:
    Sometimes we just don’t know how to start a project, do do do do do do doodles we’re totally stuck and don’t know what to do. Doodle art is no different there are so many things to choose from that it can be hard to pick just one thing! Doodle something every day and you’ll discover new and amazing doodle styles, lines, and doodles-just doesn’t do it every day!
  11. Doodle your mood:
    Doodle art is a great way to express yourself, do do do do do doodles. Doodle whatever you want and don’t hold back when you do doodle art-this will help you let out everything on the doodle do do do do do do doodles. Doodle away your bad moods and do do do do do doodles from the bottom of your heart!
  12. Doodle online:
    If you’re not feeling inspired to draw anything, why not do it online? There are tons of websites that allow you to upload an image do do do do do do doodles. Doodle whatever you want with these images and make your doodle art the best it can be!
  13. Doodle different styles:
    Doodle art doesn’t have to be in one style-in fact, do do do do do doodles, there are tons of awesome styles that anyone can do do do do do do do doodles. Doodle your favorite animal, a scene from one of your favorite shows, or even an abstract shape-try it all to see what you like most!

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