Beach Meets Modern Driftwood Modern Gallery Turns Ordinary Sculptures into Masterpieces

Hello, everyone. I am so happy you found this site to learn more about our driftwood modern gallery. We are an online only art gallery that specializes in driftwood sculptures and other beach themed art. We love to call these works of art pieces of driftwood art.

Art is a form of expression and shows us just how creative people can be. When you see what each artist can do with a piece of driftwood, you will fall in love with how each sculpture is used to make the masterpieces you see when you visit our gallery.

Titanium-reinforced concrete walkways are built on older beaches that have been stabilized for public use. Sand is placed around the walkway to further stabilize it from erosion. Driftwood can also be used to build a boardwalk.”

Driftwood Modern Gallery is a Seattle based art gallery that specializes in driftwood sculpture. Driftwood is collected from beaches around the world and transformed into works of art. The gallery sells sculptures both from its collection and commissioned pieces to clients across the US.

The idea of art as a medium of communication with the poetic license to utilize any artistic technique is long gone. Nowadays, people are much more interested in the message than how it is conveyed. The Driftwood Modern Gallery (DMG) at offers visitors an opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind sculptures, which means that every piece may be different from others.

For example, the gallery offers driftwood modern wall sculptures. Each sculpture is made from natural driftwood and some carved into a shape that communicates a specific message or emotion. Inspirational words such as “believe” and “love” are written on several pieces. Other driftwood pieces are created with intricate details like leaves and branches that are replicas of nature.

The gallery also offers driftwood modern mantle sculptures. Many of these pieces have unique shapes and an organic feel, just like their smaller counterparts. On these bigger sculptures, sea shells, rocks and other natural items are added for decoration purposes and to add detail to the overall look.

The gallery also has driftwood modern glass sculptures that are handcrafted with genuine sea glass collected from various beaches around the world. One of its most popular items is the “Heart on a Chain” sculpture

“The rustic look is in vogue these days, and we’ve taken a beach theme to capitalize on that,” said the owner of Driftwood Modern Gallery. “We have booths inside, but most of our sales are made right here on the beach, under the shade of our tent.”

Driftwood Modern Gallery makes use of driftwood to create new pieces. Their most popular sculptures include driftwood butterflies, driftwood fish, driftwood spheres and more.

Tori R., an employee at Driftwood Modern Gallery, recommends the butterfly sculptures because “they’re so beautiful and peaceful-looking”.

Tired of the same old, same old when it comes to driftwood art? We are too, which is why we decided to create a gallery specifically dedicated to enhancing the aesthetic value of driftwood.

We believe that we have created a unique, beautiful and original collection of sculptures you will enjoy both viewing and owning. Our Driftwood Modern Gallery has been featured on ABC’s The View as well as in several magazines and blogs across the country. We have also donated pieces for auctions benefiting animal shelters in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

What is driftwood art? In short, it is the process of turning wood from the beach into art. The end results are masterpieces that can be displayed in any home, office, or public location. Each piece has a special meaning and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Truly original, Driftwood Modern Art was founded by artists who travel to beaches throughout the world in search of incredible driftwood art. Most of their pieces are available for purchase through the studio gallery or our online store.

Take a look at some of our most popular driftwood sculptures below!

We are a driftwood art gallery. Our mission is to provide the world with unique, one-of-a-kind, driftwood sculptures and other beach decor. We specialize in driftwood pieces that are hand selected from the beach to provide you with a rustic piece of art for your home or business. Each piece of art was once free to the ocean but has now been transformed into an amazing work of art.

Truly stunning, each sculpture is hand crafted by master designers and brings out the natural beauty of each piece of wood. From abstract sculptures to contemporary pieces, you can find something that fits your budget and style. We take pride in our work and want you to have a masterpiece that will stand out in any room or office space.

Our goal is to provide you with the best selection at affordable prices while maintaining high quality standards. That’s why we have an entire team of talented artists who know how to make these grass huts look wonderful without compromising the natural beauty that only comes from real wood.

We offer a variety of products including ocean scene sculptures, animal sculptures and more!

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