Beach Art by Alexander Beltran is one of the most beautiful, eye-catching and stunning works of art you will ever see.

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The concept of creating beach art by using the same techniques and materials that were used by the ancient cave men is unique. The artist Alexander Beltran has created his own distinct style of beach art that is so beautiful, eye-catching and stunning that you will find yourself mesmerized by it.

Cave art is created by scratching the walls of caves with stone tools, but by using contemporary tools and materials, Alexander has been able to create an entirely new type of artwork that has never before been seen. Beach art is a completely new form of art that you can admire at the beach, but you can also admire it on beaches from coast to coast in America.

Beach art by Alexander Beltran

Beach Art is a stunning collection of photographs by Alexander Beltran. These pictures were taken in the most remote and beautiful places on our planet. They are truly remarkable and simply take your breath away. They are so breath taking that you will want to be there!

The book, Beach Art, was published in 2011 and it already has been featured in various publications around the world. The images have been published in magazines like National Geographic, Time, The Sunday Times Magazine and more.

No matter how many times you walk by the beautiful artwork of artist Alexander Beltran, you will never get tired of looking at it.

Alexander works in acrylic paint, pen, marker pens and pencils to create his unique art. He has been creating art ever since he was a young boy with the simple goal to “express something that has always laid dormant inside me.” The artist’s talent is incredible and his work is absolutely flawless.

One look at his artwork and each person can interpret the meaning behind it in their own way. Alexander says that he does not take inspiration from other artists or galleries, but rather from the people around him and from himself. His artwork also has a hidden meaning behind it which he will never reveal. He says that everyone needs to find their own meaning behind his work.

These sculptures made of driftwood and sea shells are the work of Alexander Beltran, a Mexican artist.

The name Driftwood Artist is due to the fact that his source of inspiration is the materials that can be found on the coast of Mexico (driftwood) and around the world (shells).

Alexander Beltran is a sculptor who works with metal. He creates absolutely stunning sculptures that look like they are made out of nothing, but instead are made out of (mostly) aluminum foil.

The sculptures he has created are so incredibly realistic that you would think that you were looking at real objects. The artist uses the material aluminum foil to create an illusion that looks so real and lifelike, it’s almost impossible to tell whether or not these sculptures are actually made out of metal, or if they’re simply covered in it.

A combination of heat-resistant paint, silicone and aluminum foil is used to create the illusion that these sculptures have been carved from stone of wood. All the pieces make for a truly stunning collection of artworks, and the best part is that most of them look as if they’ve been carved straight from stone or wood.

**These artworks could be kept on your desk at work or on your coffee table at home, and no one would ever know that they’re not actual stone carvings or wooden sculptures – that’s how realistic they look! Alexander Beltran sure knows how to make realistic looking artworks.**

Beach art has matured into a sensational art form. It is slowly replacing the traditional and conventional oil paintings, sculptures and photographs that have dominated the art industry for centuries. The idea of beach art is simple: take a few ordinary objects from the beach – shells, rocks, corals, driftwood and sand – and use them to create an inspirational work of art.

And it is beautiful when you look at it in its original form – during the golden hour of sunset or sunrise. But where does this concept come from? How did it evolve? And why is it suddenly so popular?


Beach art has been around for a long time. In fact, there are some very famous beach art pieces that have become iconic. The most famous of these is probably “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa” by Japanese artist Hokusai (1760-1849). This piece was created in 1831 and it depicts a giant wave threatening boats near the Japanese coast. It has become one of the most iconic images in Japanese culture and has inspired contemporary artists as well as serving as inspiration for other famous works of art such as James Jean’s “The Great Wave.”

Paintings like these used to be done on paper using watercolors but nowadays they

The art is well-done, but it’s not the only reason to go there. The beach is huge and has some of the most beautiful sand around. There are plenty of secluded places where one can spend time alone with his/her thoughts or with a significant other.

As for the art, you can find several metal sculptures scattered along the beach. Most of them are welded in place so it’s not possible to take them home, but that’s fine because they wouldn’t fit in many homes anyway.

Each sculpture has its own unique design which makes them all amazing and worth seeing over and over again, no matter how much you like art.

They’re all very different from each other so the place has something for everyone to enjoy.

When I went there I was amazed at how well the art blended in with its surroundings. It had been there so long that it seemed as though it belonged on the beach rather than being placed there temporarily just for show.

It made me feel like I was at a resort but without any of the overcrowding associated with resorts or anything else negative associated with them either.

I would highly recommend that anyone visit this place whether you’re into arts or not; even if you don’t care about art you should

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