Artist Spotlight Leah Archibald

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Leah Archibald is a well-known romance artist from Canada. Her works are rich in color and detail, with a focus on realism. She has been painting for over 20 years and her style is unique, using vibrant colors and beautiful scenery to bring her art to life.


Leah Archibald (born 1971, New Zealand) is an Australian artist. Her body of work focuses on the exploration of the feminine form and its subliminal associations. A self-taught painter, her technique combines realism and impressionism, evoking a sense of being in the presence of a person. Her palette is predominantly muted, reflecting the emotional qualities she embeds in her subjects.

The artist cites as influences the work of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele and contemporary masters such as John Currin and Robert Cottingham. Her work has been exhibited numerous times in Australia and overseas, most recently at the International Art & Design Fair at Chelsea Harbour in London, where her painting ‘Ancestral’ won the People’s Choice Award in August 2008.’

New Zealand artist Leah Archibald is an independent artist and part time lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Canterbury. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) from Canterbury University, and a Masters of Fine Arts from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia.

Her work is held in private collections throughout New Zealand, Australia and USA. Her work has featured in various group exhibitions in Melbourne, Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch and Wellington.

Leah also works as a creative director for her husband’s company, The Bracket Room Ltd. Their most recent project is the Nourish Your Body project with Olivia Newton-John.

She lives with her family in Christchurch, New Zealand.”

At the age of 13, Leah Archibald began to understand how much she loved art. The artist had been drawing since she was a child, but it was not until that year that Leah decided she wanted to become a professional artist. She took it one step further and graduated in 2005 from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. After graduation, Leah moved back home to Calgary, where she has been living and working as a full-time artist ever since.

In 2006 Leah released her first exhibition entitled “Stories of You” at the Inglewood Gallery in Calgary, Alberta. Since then she has exhibited her work at the Devening Projects (2007), Living Room Gallery (2008), and on many occasions at the Knitting Factory Workshops. In 2009 Leah was accepted into the Knitting Factory Workshops Artist in Residence Program. This program is set up for emerging artists who have an extensive exhibition history and have shown work at reputable galleries across Canada.

The artist paints every day, after taking care of her three children and before getting her own dinner ready for eating. She loves to paint from life, trying to capture the moment when everything just falls into place and makes sense in front of her eyes. However, she uses this

Leah Archibald is a young artist from Vancouver, British Columbia and a graduate of the Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design. She is a self-taught painter and describes her work as romantic realism.

Her paintings are inspired by the stunning landscape of British Columbia where she grew up, with a strong emphasis on light and movement. Her paintings are full of rich texture and color that feels like you could reach out and touch them.

Leah’s art can be found in galleries across Canada as well as online through her Etsy store or at . She has also recently been accepted into the Society of Canadian Artists and is working towards becoming a member of Women in the Arts (WITA). Leah is currently working on her next series which will be available for viewing upon completion.

Leah has been painting for over 10 years. She loves to create art from her heart and soul, with a special focus on soft, romantic images. Leah paints floral still-life and landscapes, as well as beautiful abstract designs. Her paintings have a softness and depth that many other artists have tried to imitate but none have yet duplicated. She is able to create the most stunningly vivid colors with her unique combination of acrylics, oils, and metallic inks.

Titles such as “Heavenly Glow,” “Mermaid’s Song,” “Angel’s Touch,” and “Enchanted Romance” speak to the amazing emotion that is put into each piece by Leah herself. Leah’s work can be found within many private collections around the world as well as in the homes of many celebrities including John Stamos (Actor: Full House), Dean McDermott (Actor: Tori & Dean), Janet Jackson (Singer) and more!

Leah strives for perfection in every piece that she creates. Each mark, color, stroke or line is carefully planned out before she even applies a brush to canvas. She works tirelessly on each painting until it reaches the quality that she feels is acceptable for her customers.

Completing each painting takes several weeks due to

I was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States when I was 21. I am now married with 2 kids, a boy and a girl. I am a professional artist and have been for over 10 years now. I specialize in oil painting on canvas paintings and I love doing commissioned work. My art is romantic, melancholic and dreamy, it is mostly inspired by nature, fantasy and human emotions.

My paintings are mainly of women, but that’s not because I don’t enjoy painting men or children (I do), but because it’s just how my mind works. In fact, if you take a look at my portfolio, most of my paintings are actually men and children haha!

I want to create imagery that speaks to the imagination and stirs something inside each viewer to make them feel connected to their own story. My goal is to paint all different kinds of people and subject matters while keeping true to my style, so that each painting can be easily identified as mine by my fans who have come to know me through this blog.

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