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All Roads Lead Here: A blog about the artist’s gallery and shows.

In “The Artist’s Gallery”, I share my insights into what it takes to run a successful gallery, the art market, art trends and the artists I represent.

I also write about my recent shows and the latest news about art in general.

Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions or would like to be added to my mailing list for show announcements.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


John Williams

All Roads Lead Here is the blog for the gallery and showroom, Art for Sale Singulart (ASSL). It is a place to announce our openings, new art shows and events, share information about our artists and their work, and showcase writing on art and culture. It is also a place to interact with friends and visitors to ASSL.

If you are looking for information on upcoming art shows or artist news at ASSL please check here first. If you are interested in reading about art or culture then you have come to the right place.

Below are some essay sections:

Name:How to make wealth

For the past year I have enjoyed working in my studio, but it has become increasingly clear that this is not my most important role. With the gallery, I am in a position to be helpful to artists and people who are simply interested in art.

This blog is designed to provide a forum to discuss these topics and to aid in the dissemination of information.

I am proud of the gallery and believe it represents an important opportunity for artists and an engaging alternative for art lovers. Come by, enjoy the space, and check out our upcoming shows.

Thank you,

Tony White”

In the years since its inception in 2008, the Singulart Gallery has hosted some of the most extraordinary contemporary art shows in New York City. From the simply sublime to the downright provocative, each show has always been a one-of-a-kind experience.

The gallery’s founder and principal owner, Christoph Meckelburg, is a renowned contemporary art collector, with a unique eye for talent. His vast personal collection is on display throughout the gallery’s three locations: New York City, Beijing and Shanghai. Some of his most treasured pieces are on sale for as little as $10.

Tours of each location are regularly scheduled, with small group led tours also available upon request.

Visitors who want to observe any work in particular may request an appointment with gallery staff by filling out the form at

“The art gallery is not just a place where art is displayed, but rather a place of social interaction which can serve as an arena for the development of relationships and networks. The gallery owner becomes an important figure in the art market and has a key role to play in appraising and promoting artists.”

The word that best describes the work at Singulart is “stunningly original.” What sets it apart from other art I’ve seen, is that the artist has managed to take his own individuality and make it universal. It’s addictive.

What characterizes all of Brian Dettmer’s sculptures, are elements of the human body, combined with the use of unconventional materials. The traditional media used by artists like paint on canvas are replaced by coffee grinds, sandpaper, thread or staples. In a way I’m reminded of Freud’s theory on dreams; that they’re made up of bits and pieces of reality and our subconscious mind puts them together to form something that makes sense to us; something that we can relate to.

Brian Dettmer’s artwork looks like it was torn apart, then reconstructed with staples or some other material. To me they look like mangled bodies; at times even disfigured faces appear…

Although he is not well-known in the United States, the artist Khaled Hafez has achieved enormous success internationally, especially in Europe and the Middle East. Last year, on a trip to Dubai, Mr. Hafez told me that he had just been asked by the sheikhs who run the city to create a sculpture garden that would be “an inspirational center for art lovers.”

The sheikhs want Mr. Hafez to build something like New York’s Rockefeller Center, with a high-rise gallery and offices for his growing staff of assistants and publicists. He wants something more modest: an avant-garde version of the old-fashioned sculptors’ atelier or artists’ colony.

Mr. Hafez wants to set up a kind of international graduate program where young sculptors from around the world can come to work with him and each other. He envisions studios and exhibition halls, along with restaurants and shops, all designed by him and his colleagues. He will pay for everything himself, but he needs help finding the right place — preferably in or near Paris — as well as help planning the details of what will go inside it.

“Art” is any skill or product of a creative nature,or the work produced as a result of exercising that skill. Art is an expression of the artist’s feelings: love, hate, happiness, sadness, and it can be either representational or abstract.”

Artists are those who are skilled in the arts. They use their creativity to express their feelings and to capture the emotions of the viewers.

The art gallery is where artists display their artwork for sale. The art gallery owner buys paintings from artists and displays them to attract customers.

An art show is an exhibition of individual pieces of art for sale. An art show has a selection committee that chooses which pieces will be displayed at the show and which will be rejected.

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