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Ikea Art Event is a blog that features the gifting of art pieces to those who appreciate them; this blog is presented by Ikea and will be available to everyone. The event is meant to raise awareness of the arts, as well as share the joys of giving art as a gift, and will include an online portal where people can enter their names in order to receive one of the art pieces. In addition, each person will be able to select an art piece with specific parameters (size, theme, etc.) so that they are sure it will fit in their home.


Gifting art pieces to those who appreciate them.

As a culture, we have become a bit too utilitarian with our art. We have been told that something is “good” or “bad”, and we are influenced by these judgements as to whether or not it is worth displaying in our home or office.

I’ve probably bought way too many pieces of artwork for my apartment (despite the fact that I don’t give myself enough credit for liking some of them more than others). And I’ve definitely given away my fair share of artwork, too. I love giving art as a gift, and I can’t wait to see what kind of art this blog inspires me to purchase in the future!

Gifting art pieces is a social custom that has never been fully explored. As of today, the only time people ever gift art pieces is when they have a degree in art or a degree in business. This blog will bring together various artists and give them an opportunity to share their work with people who appreciate art and who may not have the resources to buy it.

This blog will be more than just a platform for people to purchase gifts. It will also be an educational platform where we can help people who are interested in learning more about art. We will tell them where they can get their hands on these highly desirable art pieces and how much it is likely to cost them. People who do not wish to purchase the work of any particular artist can still read the blog and learn about new artists and styles of art that are available for gifting purposes.

**The blog will be launched on May 12th, 2021**

Art has become the new shoes. Shoes are nice, but I’ve got plenty of pairs and they don’t really express anything about me. If I want to tell you something about myself, I give you a book or artwork.

But what do you get the person who has everything? How do you choose the right piece of art for someone?

So we started a blog where every day we would recommend an artwork that’s perfect for someone you know. Maybe it’s a birthday gift for your partner, or a thank you for your sister-in-law, or even an anniversary present for that old couple at church. We’d find the best piece of art available on the internet, explain why it’s great, and ship it to you with a personal note from us.

We had modest expectations: maybe some local news coverage in Minnesota, and a few pieces sold each week. But our first blog post went viral and before we knew it we were shipping 1000+ pieces of art per week across the country—and now the world!—to everyone from celebrities to CEOs to your mom’s friends.

This is not just another art blog—it’s an idea whose time has come: Art as gifting is finally here!**

The world is full of amazing art pieces. Yet many of us do not receive art as gifts because it is not considered a valuable enough gift to be given.

Art is a gift of the heart, one that is often given by those who understand why art is important to us. By making gifting art an event, we are not just giving someone a physical piece of art, but an experience as well.

Telling your friends and family about gifting-art-events.com will help spread the word that gifting original pieces of art to those you love is an experience worth having

In an effort to make art more accessible, the Ikea corporation will be making a series of art pieces available at the low price of $0.99 that are designed to fit in with the decor of Ikea living rooms and kitchens. The original idea came from a blogger who suggests that “the art world is really just a bunch of old rich guys trying to squeeze some last drops of blood out of the artist’s stone.” This is a sentiment that has become increasingly widespread.

The artist makes no money off these pieces: they are made by an Ikea employee in his spare time, sometimes off-the-clock, sometimes even on his own time, and are then resold by Ikea at full price. They have become a very popular item, however, with one blogger reporting that “I don’t know if I love them because I’m mocking the art world or because I actually like them.”

This blog will keep track of all activity surrounding Ikea’s unofficial $0.99 Art Program. It will also serve as a forum for those who have received any of these novelty items to share their stories about what they did with it and why it meant so much to them. Ultimately this blog aims to become a resource for those looking for gifts for others who

Art for the home is a big business, but it’s hard to buy art if you live in an apartment. The walls are too small, and the landlord won’t let you drill holes in them.

Telling people they can put your art on their walls is fine if you’re good, but otherwise it’s not a good selling point. And even if your art is great, most people don’t have room for it.

So what do you do? You can find a gallery that will take consignments, of course, but then you’re stuck with having to deal with other people. Some artists like that part, but others don’t; and anyway there are plenty of great artists who don’t enjoy schmoozing enough to be good at it.

Artists who want to reach new audiences without dealing with galleries have started using unconventional spaces: street corners, parks, or even empty storefronts (if they can find one). These spaces are not ideal—there’s no ventilation and they get wet when it rains—but they give the artist more control over how the piece is experienced. They also create new opportunities: If your work needs to rotate with different paintings to stay fresh and interesting, which is often the case, then these transient sites are

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