9 IKEA Hacks That Will Totally Change The Way You Use The Store

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When you’re decorating your house or apartment, it can be a pain to find the perfect piece of wall art or a certain lamp. You could go to a fancy store and pay hundreds of dollars for one, or you could just go to IKEA and make your own.

Thing is, most of us don’t know how to hack our furniture into something new and exciting. So we turned to Pinterest and found 9 IKEA hacks that will totally change the way you use the store.[…]

You can create a collage with this simple hack. It won’t cost you much money, either!


This is another easy hack that doesn’t require you to buy anything extra. All you need is a picture frame!


This hack is so easy! All you need is a candle stick holder and some pretty paper!


And of course, the list would not be complete without the infamous IKEA wine rack!


IKEA might have been designed for customization. Many of the items are intentionally flat to allow you to use them for other purposes.

Here are 9 IKEA hacks you can use to redesign your living space into a more personalized home.

1. Use IKEA’s Ribba frames as wall art by adding some unique pictures or photographs. This hack is simple and easy and works with any size frame.

2. Use your kitchen accessories in the guest room by adding some color or patterns that match the room’s theme.

3. Use IKEA’s Lack tables as a headboard when combined with a simple frame, painting, or color stain to match the decor of the bedroom.

4. Use an IKEA candle sconce as a nightstand by placing it on top of stacked books or decorative boxes (look inside for further ideas). It also looks great if you paint it to match the room’s theme!

5. Spice up any corner with a plant stand from IKEA, which will look great by itself or filled with plants and flowers that complement your home’s decor.

6. Use an IKEA lampshade as an overhead light in a hallway or space with high ceilings but no overhead lights such as bedrooms and

IKEA has a huge range of furniture and accessories. Many of us are familiar with their products and we have used them in our homes. But the truth is there are many more interesting ways to customize the IKEA products. If you are looking for some creative ways to use your IKEA products at home, here are some interesting hacks you could try.

Tiered Shelf:

You can use an IKEA Lack shelf and add another one on top of it to create a tiered shelf. This hack is good if you want to display some items on open shelves without spending any money. You can stack as many shelves as you wish by using this hack.

Convert The IKEA Children’s Table To A Coffee Table:

You can convert the IKEA Fintorp children’s table into a coffee table by adding casters or wheels to it. This hack is perfect if you have kids because they will be able to move the table when they want to play with their toys or have their meals around it.

Paint The Fintorp To Create A Unique Table:

If you have an IKEA Fintorp table and you want to give it a new look, try painting it with chalkboard paint so

IKEA is great place to get all sorts of furniture, but the flat-pack furniture you see in the stores can be limiting, especially when it comes to decorating one’s walls. Fortunately, there are tons of creative and easy ways to turn that boring IKEA furniture into something spectacular for any room in your home.

The hacks listed below are simple and budget friendly ways to style up your space with IKEA materials. You’ll never have to dread going to the box store again!

IKEA is the best place for finding amazing pieces of furniture and accessories for your home. Their products are affordable, stylish and of high quality. However, the furniture that is available at IKEA is usually made in bright colors and a lot of people dislike this feature.

Trying to find a way to give a fresh look to your home without having to spend too much money on some custom-made furniture? Here are some hacks that will help you do it!


Boxes are perfect for making stylish storage solutions. You can use them as side tables or even as bedside tables. You can paint them in any color you want or you can even leave them in their original natural color.

But why stop there? Paint the box white and place it on top of another colored box to give an illusion of depth and make your room appear bigger than it actually is!


Plants have been used as decorative items for centuries, but mainly they are only used indoors. What about using plants outside? All you need is a wooden box and plants to decorate a terrace, porch or garden area. This is an excellent way to bring nature inside your home!


If you don’t like the plain white walls

How to Build an IKEA Kitchen By Yourself

For many people, moving into a new apartment means getting ready for the inevitable chore of assembling your kitchen. It’s not fun, but it can be done. Here are some tips that will make your kitchen assembly much easier and quicker.

The Right Tools: Assembling your own kitchen is only possible if you have the right tools. You’ll need a screwdriver set and a power drill with bits and maybe even an Allen wrench set to make things easier. You should also have a sturdy step-stool on hand so you don’t end up hurting yourself while you’re working.

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Using the Right Screws: Different pieces in different cabinets use different types of fasteners, and you should use the ones that match what the manufacturer designed for that piece. For example, all Ikea kitchen cabinets use M5 screws, which are larger than M4 screws but smaller than M6 screws. If you try to use the wrong size screw to hold something together, it won’t hold together properly and will likely fall apart or break when you apply pressure to it. Using the right size screw is especially important when you are building complex

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