5 Artist Inspired Fonts That Are Perfect for T-Shirts

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If you are a graphic designer and looking for font ideas, here is a list of 5 artist inspired fonts that are perfect for t-shirts.

Posters, T-Shirts and other items with Artist Inspired Fonts are popular among designers.

The following five artists inspired fonts are perfect to create unique look and they are really cool.

Art is a powerful instrument for expression and we all have at least one painting that means a lot to us. But to inspire others and make them feel the same way, you need something more than just a painting.

So what if we told you that you can use the power of your paintings to create other arts? Sounds crazy? Well, it may not be as far-fetched as you think.

With the new trend of streetwear and T-shirts, people are now encouraged to wear art on their sleeves or on their chests. And with these 5 artist inspired fonts, you can use your paintings to create cool font designs that are also perfect for t-shirts.

Here are 5 awesome fonts based on artists:

Recently, the design firm Happy Cog released a new set of fonts based on famous typographers. These are the kind of fonts that can be used for magazine headers, posters or just about anything else.

Nothing is more inspiring than great typography. Whether it’s a handwritten note from your loved one or a beautiful font on your computer screen, words have the power to touch you in ways images and other media cannot.

What better way to pay tribute to these masters of the written word than to incorporate some of their amazing lettering into your own designs? Below we present our five favorite font sets inspired by famous typographers, as well as their respective designers.

1. Futura (Paul Renner) by The Designers Foundry

Renner was commissioned in 1927 by German Bauhaus director Walter Gropius to design an avant-garde sans serif typeface that managed to capture “the spirit of the times.” The resulting font, Futura , has an aerodynamic, modern look that has been widely adopted since its release in 1928.

Futura’s clean lines and futuristic feel lend themselves well to any retro or future-themed project: album covers, movie posters and even t-shirts. This particular set, designed by The

In this article I will review some of the most famous artists and their font interpretations. You can use these fonts in any design as long as you have a license to do so.

Picasso Fonts

Picasso is one of the most important artist of the 20th century. He was a painter, sculptor and printmaker. His work often featured ordinary objects such as guitars, typewriters and bicycles, although his later work has been noted for its political themes and bold simplicity.

Most of Picassos fonts were designed by Stephane Mallat who has worked with many famous artists including Keith Haring, Diana Ross, KISS and Prince.

Inspired by the likes of Picasso and Warhol, these five fonts have been created using the artist’s signature style and name.

Andy Warhol: Warhol is a hand-printed font inspired by Andy Warhol’s own handwriting. The font features upper and lower case letters and alternates between normal, italic and bold. It is available for free to download for both personal and commercial use, but is distributed with a Creative Commons license, meaning that you must credit the creator if you use it in a project. Walter Turncoat: Walter Turncoat is a font inspired by the iconic work of Walter Turncoat (though it does not recreate his work exactly). The font features upper case only letters along with alternate characters. It can be downloaded for free to both personal and commercial use, but like Warhol, its creator requests that you credit him if you do so. Pablo: Pablo is an old-style serif font that was inspired by Pablo Picasso’s own handwriting. It has upper case letters only along with alternates, ligatures and swashes. It can be purchased through MyFonts as well as downloaded for free from Behance, but again it comes with a CC license. Helvetica: Helvetica is based on the typeface

The artists whose work inspires these font designs are Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana, Roy Lichtenstein, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Claes Oldenburg.

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