10 Facts Grayson Perry Would Love You To Know About Grayson Perry

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Grayson Perry is an English artist, television presenter, and author. He was born on 23 April 1960 in Chelmsford, Essex, England. He studied at Canterbury College of Art and the Royal College of Art. His artwork is normally related to gender identity and class.

It was announced that Grayson Perry would be the new President of the British Art Council from 1 January 2010. In 2012 he was appointed as a Trustee of the Tate Gallery.

Perry’s first solo exhibition was in 1992 at The Newbridge Project in Rugby. In 1994 he had his first solo exhibition in London at Dowson Gallery which featured ceramics and stoneware.

In 2003 he had his first major international retrospective “Grayson Perry: Who Are You?” at the Hayward Gallery in London and also toured to Museum Ludwig, Cologne in 2004 with great success.

Perry’s “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told” opened at the White Cube gallery in Bermondsey Street, London on 20 November 2005, which included paintings from his “History Paintings” series as well as some smaller pieces made for children’s rooms. The exhibition ran until 16 February 2006 and then travelled to Moderna Museet, Stockholm (13 March – 17 June 2006) and Museo N

1. Grayson Perry’s parents named him Peter, but he was called Grayson from birth. He didn’t change his name until he was 19-years-old.

2. Unfortunately, he never got to meet his grandfather who was a farm labourer and died before he was born.

3. Grayson Perry’s father served in the RAF during the Second World War and worked as a lorry driver after the war.

4. He went to an all boys’ school and did not wear a dress until he was 18.

5. When Grayson Perry was quite young, his mother had a stroke that left her paralysed down one side of her body, so she had to paint with her right hand instead of her left hand.

6. One of his earliest memories is of being on a boat in the West Country surrounded by mud flats, which inspired him to take up drawing when he grew up.

7. His parents were staunch Labour party supporters and were working class people from the West Country who believed in education and hard work for their son who went to private school and then art school at Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London after leaving school at 16 years old.

8. The artist has been married twice – once to an art student

1. Grayson Perry was born in 1960. His name is not his birth name, which is Peregrine.

I have always had problems with self-esteem. I was a fat, spotty boy and then a chubby teenager. I felt lonely and isolated in my local village because I lived on the edge of the green belt. My father was an alcoholic and he used to physically abuse me. All this really messed up my head, as you can imagine.

The only place I felt safe was when I went to church. The vicar was a lovely man called John Hamlin, who took me under his wing. He not only saw something in me that could be brought out but he also became like a father figure to me. He taught me how to draw and encouraged me to join an art group for adults in Yateley, called the Yateley Arts Group, where I met many great artists such as the sculptor Malcolm Rissik and the painter Peter Brownlow, who both became very influential in my life and helped me realise that being creative is one of the most important things you can do in life.

Yes, it is true that my mother used to dress me up like a girl when I was small. She made all my clothes herself – she was very talented with a needle – and she would make dresses for her own little girl (my sister

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