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A Blog about your parent’s fond memory is a great way to show them how much you care. It is an ideal platform for your parent and you to reminisce on the happy moments and get it documented in a creative manner.

Art box is a documentary written,directed,edited and produced by Erika Merkert. It is a film about her mother’s memories,who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

This film was made as a gift for her mother in her 60th birthday. She told stories of her life and childhood as well as some of the things that were important to her in life. The film is a way for both of them to hold on to these memories and experiences.

In this clip the camera follows them through their home town, where they grew up and spent time together when they were little girls.

Mother talks about those days when she was growing up and describes how she learned to sew with her mother and about the first time she fell in love at the age of 15. Her mother did not have an easy childhood but she looks back on it with fondness and has lots of nice memories from those times.

**I have been making films since 2005. I studied filmmaking at NYU, where I also worked at the school’s cinema department in the past years. I recently started collaborating with my mom on a project that shows our relationship with each other and talks about our feelings concerning dementia issues in general. We will be making another short film together in January 2017 so

The Art Box is a web documentary series that showcases the stories behind some of the most beloved memories of our parents. These memories are what they collected, what they admired, and what they made with their own hands.

The Art Box will also explore the way memory is shaped by our experiences, how we can choose to preserve those moments, and how we can pass them on to future generations.

This project was born out of a collaboration between an artist and his mother. It is their first time working together and it has been an emotional journey for both of them.

This project is launched through the Kickstarter platform in May 2013.

We invite you to view this video, as well as follow us on Facebook and Twitter , to get a better understanding of our project and be part of it!

The art box is a good idea for a project. It is also one that can be used as a classroom activity. It allows students to learn about their parents, and to express themselves creatively in a very safe environment. The students are able to create something that reflects the feeling of their lives through a series of interviews with their parent on everything from their favorite color and what they like to eat, to the toys that they played with as a child and what was most important to them during their childhood. This can be a very difficult task for some students and requires a lot of personal courage on their part, which will be rewarded when they see the finished project. The entire process generates numerous opportunities for discussion and sharing between the student and parent, which will open up communication, foster understanding, and deepen the relationship between parent and child.

The importance of art in our daily lives cannot be overstated. It has been shown to reduce stress levels among people who are in stressful situations or who have stressful jobs (Hage). Art can help us get through tough times. It has been used to help those suffering from depression or those trying to cope with life-threatening illnesses (Johnson). The art box project can serve as an outlet for expression through various means: writing, drawing,

If you are a parent, you know that the most important thing for your children is to enjoy their childhood. Children will find out what they love on their own and it is your role to give them the opportunity to do so.

Toys were invented to bring joy and happiness to kids but nowadays they are more focused on profit. How long a toy should last is not a matter of concern when you are developing it. The only thing that matters at that point is how much money can the toy make?

The toy company I worked for years ago was specialized in making toys for toddlers. One day, our major customer asked us to make a new art box for their chain of toy stores. You see, we produced a series of art boxes that are now discontinued because they were not as profitable as we wanted them to be. The new art box was supposed to replace the old ones and there was a big demand because the old ones were no longer available in stores. We found out that the customer would not buy our art box unless we made it with pre-colored crayons and markers attached to it so kids can use them right away. It sounded like a great idea but we had no idea how we could actually make it happen, especially since our budget was already

Imagine yourself in a small village surrounded by mountains and forests. The days go by slowly, but you feel happy, safe and contented. You have no need to prove yourself to anyone because you are sure that the people in your village have faith in your abilities and are sure that you will be able to provide for them, even if it means you will have to move farther from the village to find food.

Truly living in the moment is something we would all like to do, but do not always succeed at doing. Most of us are always looking ahead or reflecting back on what has already happened. We worry about what is going to happen or what happened yesterday or last year. We forget about taking care of ourselves and instead become stressed and worried about everything else around us.

Then one day, we wake up and realize how much time has passed since we stopped living life just for ourselves. How many opportunities have we missed? How many people have we hurt? How much time have we wasted worrying about things that never came to pass? It is almost too late…

One day, when you are old and can no longer enjoy the simple pleasures of life, you will look back on your life with regret. You will wish you had spent more time appreciating these

The United States has a long history of migrations. People have moved across the country to find better jobs and homes, and more opportunities in their lives. These movements have shaped the United States over time.

Many people are attracted to cities where there are many job opportunities. They can find work in factories and stores, or they can find work in offices or schools. In some cases, these people move far from home because they want to start a business or find better job opportunities elsewhere. Some people want to live closer to family members or friends. Some people want to move near places that are important in their culture or religion, like churches or temples.

Tens of millions of people have moved from rural areas – where there are fewer jobs – to cities throughout our history. Today, we think of how the migration from rural areas to cities changed society in the 20th century as the Great Migration, but this is only one of many migrations that have occurred in U.S. history.

In this activity, students write about what it was like for their parents (or someone else’s parents) when they moved out of their hometowns and into new places. Students research what life was like at different times and places, and then they write about a time

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